Sunday, September 23, 2012

36 weeks and counting!!

Okay so first and foremost I must say it is somewhat  um... no... REALLY pathetic that In the beginning my goal was to write at least one post a week to keep a type of journal to look back on in years to come with everything we have had going on.... well... how should I say this.... I totally failed! haha Rather than succeeding at a post a week, I have barely written a post a month! Hum, room for improvement?!? I think so!! Well, Since this month is almost over I thought I should at least stick to my guns on this one and get at least one post done this month so here it goes...
Um okay who ever thought that 9 months would go by so flippin fast!! I know I say that far too often, but seriously!! We are now officially at 36 weeks and this little man is running out of room! haha it is not always comfortable with his little knees tickling my rib cage and the many late night trips to the bathroom but is it weird I don't want it to end! I love this little man more than I could ever imagine and I cant wait to meet him but at the same time life just seems so perfect right now that I don't see how it could be better so it worries me a little :) Don't get me wrong though... It is perfect because of this little guy and I know it will be incredible with him here, It just still seems too good to be true! 99.9% of the time I still feel like I am living a fairy tale and I will wake up and all will be gone... I fully expect to wake up some mornings at my parents, going to school at the U, and being so busy with work that life itself just seems to sneak by. Luckily for me it is the total opposite though! Every morning I get to wake up to the most incredible man ever, whom I love to pieces and couldn't live a day without! It is so incredible to have such an amazing best friend who is stuck with you for eternity! Literally!!! Am I the luckiest girl ever or what?!?  After waking up to this good looking fella I look down at my ginormous belly and cant believe that in about 4 weeks I will get to wake up/ stay up with 2 good looking fellas! haha my sweet hubby and our incredible baby boy! I laugh just feeling him wiggle around and then Kurt laughs when I wince in pain but yet am still laughing....which believe me makes the time so much better and I wouldn't change a thing... but laughing surely does not help when your ribs are killing you! yet pain and all, life is perfect! Who would have thought that you can go through 9 months of crying, mood swings, exhaustion, weight gain, cravings, etc... and still be happier than you could ever imagine! Luckily for me, this pregnancy hasn't been bad at all... or at least not compared to what I hear from others. We have had a few undesirable times, but I definitely wouldn't change a thing! I think the reward of this little guy will make it all totally worth it!
Today we were able to attend the Brigham City Temple dedication broadcast with my wonderful in laws and the entire time I couldn't help but to think of how truly lucky and blessed I am! It was such a beautiful dedication and the spirit was absolutely incredible! Perhaps it is a bad thing, but I must admit that I did get super distracted... not in a bad way.. but the entire time as I sat next to my eternal sweetheart and felt our little baby kick and wiggle non stop I couldn't help but to think of how amazing eternity will be! I am going to have these incredible individuals with me for eternity!!! FOR-EV-ER!!! I am so incredibly blessed to know that families are forever! I could not be more happy to know that no matter what, I have the opportunity to be with all those that I love forever! Isn't that amazing!!! And yes, I feel a little guilty that during some of the talks this is what was going through my mind, but seriously... the church is amazing!!! If only I could share with others what I was able to feel today, I think that everyone would totally agree, life truly is a plan of happiness!! It was so neat to feel that spirit of the temple and not only share it with my sweetheart, but also with my baby boy! I am so blessed to have them both in my life! I cannot wait for the amazing opportunities that this new crazy world of motherhood will bring and I can only hope that I can be half as good as those that I am able to look up to and learn from. It is so crazy to go through life sometimes and see how much you truly are affected by those around you! lately I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude and love for all of those around us! We truly have been blessed with the greatest family and friends you could ever imagine! We have been amazed at all the love and support we have received in celebrating our baby boys arrival! We have had so many sacrifice so much, and words cannot begin to express my gratitude! This little guy is lucky to have each and everyone of you in his life! I know I am super slow and terrible at sending out thank you cards for all that have supported us with baby showers and life in general, but trust me, we are so grateful! and I promise that your thank you cards are in the works and I am hoping to mail them out soon... hopefully before the baby comes!!
Oh and please forgive my boring post with no pictures! We went boating a few weeks ago and broke the camera :( so we are now camera-less until we get a new one... (hopefully this week!!) no worries though we will totally be purchasing one before this baby comes, and we will have tons of pictures! I promise!!!
Alright well, that pretty much sums um my thoughts for now... which doesn't say too much I know! But at least I got a post in before the month was up right?!? Its a work in progress! See you all next week... haha okay lets be honest... see you all next month! :)