Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Savior is Born

Each year, around Christmastime, I look forward to a fun and uplifting message put out by my Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This year was no different, the message was short and sweet and really struck a cord with me. 
I know Christmas is now technically over and I should've posted this weeks ago- but do yourself a favor and watch it! Because a Savior was born. He was born for you and for me. He was born in the most humble of circumstances, to bring others clsoer to their father in heaven. He was born so that he could die and atone for our sins- Each and every one of them. A savior was born so that we too could live again with our father in heaven. So, even though Christmas day is technically over- please don't forget the amazing meaning of Christmas and the way you feel- not only on Christmas day, but all the days surrounding it. Please remember to be extra kind to others and show love to all of those around you. 
I know without a doubt that I have a Savior who lived and died for me. A Savior who gave all that he could so that I can repent of my own sins and return to live with my father in heaven again. I know that I have a Savior who made it possible that my family can be together forever. This is so so so important to me. I cannot stress my love for my Savior enough. I am grateful to have a father in heaven that would sacrifice so much so that he could have all of his children return home to him again. 
A savior was born.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

A little fall photoshoot.....

You guys! I have been a SLACKER with family pictures this year... this truly breaks my heart... 
I am not even being sarcastic! 
As much as they make me crazy- I LOVE THEM! So much changes each year and I feel like somehow in the short span of a year my kids age ten years.. dont ask me- I am not quite sure how they manage that- but they do and it breaks my heart! This is why I love love LOVE family pictures!
But sadly, I have not been able to find the time to get them done this year  between Kurt and my work schedules and sick babies.. oh and lets not forget Christmas is next week... so obviously Christmas cards wont be happening for us this year... whoops! 
Slacker I tell ya! 
BUT i didn't want our usual family picture time frame to sneak by without at least getting a few pics of the kiddos before they age another ten years.. so when we got back from our family Disneyland trip a few days early and I was home with my sick babies- I decided- um HELLO... picture time! haha okay and to be totally honest- it was Keller's idea- because he had been so excited to wear his shirt like daddy likes (flannel) and knew that it was for family pictures ... so in wanting to wear it, his request was simple.... "mom, can I play outside in my cool dad shirt? and we can take pictures... that's a great idea, right?!?" Yes... clearly this boy knows how to get his way... really though, what mom is going to say no when her kids are WILLING to smile for pictures... even when they don't feel good... yay! yay! yay! 
so, without further ado... here are a few of our little "family... aka kid only pictures"... 
ohh and yes.. for your viewing pleasure, I have left in a few of the "outtakes" because... well, have you ever tried to take a picture of the Tasmanian devil.... NO??? well, I happen to have two of my very own... and to be honest... it gets pretty tricky , so really you have to just let them wild in their element and hope you get a few smiles! enjoy!!
"Mommy is this a funny smile??"

the cutest little thumbs up giver... it makes my heart skip a beat everytime! 

you want me to smile???? HA! mom, you are funny! 

my little sidekick... getting smiles out of our little model! because THAT is what big brothers are for!

this is the look I get all day everyday.... ladies and gents... SHE is the real boss in our house! 

these two thought that throwing leaves was THE funniest thing to do! so many giggles! 

oh you know... just blinding my children one at a time... look straight into the sun and smile! haha

this little lady is a hoot I tell ya! she loves to be goofy ... she learns it from her big brother! I love my little goofballs!

Nothing fancy... but these little pictures make my heart skip a beat! I live for these little loves and i cherish these little moments! They pass far too quickly! These smiles and grins are what makes my world go round and fancy or not- these are some of my newest favorite pictures! 
Cherishing every moment!!!

Mommy letters: My Little Sailor Mae

Oh my little Sailor girl, ohh how you have grown! You are the sweetest spunkiest little lady there ever was.
You LOVE with all your heart! You are a mamas girl through and through and you can snuggle for days!!... unless of course daddy is ice skating or rollerblading… in that case, you are a daddy’s girl without a doubt! You love being included in EVERYTHING!!
My favorite thing is listening to you sleepily call my name first thing in the morning when you are ready to come and snuggle your mommy and daddy!
You love your big brother and you live for 'teasing him!
You want to do everything he does and more! He is your hero and best friend!  You follow his every step and try to be big just like him... I love that you love him so!!! But don't grow up so fast my little love, this mommy needs her sweet baby girl!!!
You recently learned the art of shifty eyes... And rolling your eyes... Yes my little love, you are sassy! And it is naughty... But hilarious.... You have a mind of your own and you show us who the real boss is.... You!
You challenge us daily and teach us more than we thought possible from such a tiny little person!
You have the funniest little personality and you love to make people laugh! You are full of so much love and happiness!
You love babies, doggies, princesses, and more!!
You are not a fan of monsters or ghosts… both of which your brother loves to tease you about!
You are a girly girl and tom boy mixed together in one perfect little angel! You love your bows and pony tails… and you love to pick out your own bow and outfit each morning!
You also LOVE to play hockey with your daddy and big brother! You recently created your own victory pose… and it is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!
You are full of love and adventure! You are always on the move and have become quite the little daredevil with your big brother as your coach!
You have the cutest little toothy grin and the prettiest blue eyes!
Every night as I rock you to sleep, I look at your perfect little innocent face and am in awe that you are mine.
You are beautiful and perfect!
You have recently learned to postpone bedtime… an art of which I am certain you learned from your big brother. You insist on reading a book… or as many as you can get away with.
We absolutely MUST read the scriptures and say our prayers in Keller’s room or bedtime simply won’t happen… you make sure of that! You insist on singing songs and fight sleep until you finally cave in and fall asleep snuggled in my arms with the sweetest softest smile on your face. It makes the battle worth it- EVERY. NIGHT.
You are growing more and more everyday and to be honest, I am terrified!
But my little darling, you are the love of our lives! Our little sweetheart our little princess and the perfect fit to our little family!!! We love you more than you'll ever know! I love you baby girl!!

Love, Mommy xoxo

Mommy Letters: My little Keller bug!

Each night before I climb into bed I look at you sleeping and am in utter shock! How did my baby boy grow up so fast?!? You are 3 going on 17.
You love to rollerblade EVERY. NIGHT.
You are becoming an ice skating pro! A tackle football/ tickle war champ!
 A train track building engineering genius... Track supports and all!
A bedtime postponing mastermind.
The sweetest little courtesy clapper I could have never dreamed of with my amazing entertains skills.
 And altogether the greatest little helper dude I could have ever asked for!
You are growing up so fast now. You constantly remind me... "Mommy I can do this because I'm 3 now." Or .. "Mommy I should get 3 cookies because I'm 3 now..".... Pretty much your request or excuse for everything is that you are 3 now so obviously it's okay.
You make me laugh DAILY!!
You have the sweetest tender heart and teach me more than I have taught you in your 3 short years! You are the kindest little boy- who speaks his mind.... And then asks if what he says is okay? Haha... Or you try to soften the blow....  "Mommy, you should probably stop dancing and singing like that, it doesn't sound very good... But I love you so much! You know that mommy?!?"  Or my absolute favorite…. you join in my madness and together you, Sailor, and I all laugh at our incredibly awful dancing moves all while singing terribly out of tune in the kitchen!
Those moments are my favorite.
You try and teach your "baby sister" ( half the time you refuse to call her by her actual name... Other times you call her by her full given name! Haha) everything! You love having a little partner in crime and try to include your sweet baby sis in most everything... Except your train tracks... she loves to tease you… and for the most part you roll with it and entertain her. You have THE cutest little “teaching” voice when you talk to her and are the sweetest example!
You are totally 110% potty trained and have been for months... Yeah buddy!!
You are all together awesome! Ohh and did I mention you are a little clone of your daddy- no wonder I love you so much!!! You want to be just like him and tell me daily that he is your best buddy and you are almost his size! Hahahaha
You are growing up so fast my sweet little buddy! And even though you tell me how big you are daily- I love that you are still not too big for snuggles! You love to snuggle and when I am holding you and see myself in the mirror, I have to laugh since you are half my size! I am afraid you will out grow me before you hit the age of 10!
You are my little gentle giant whom I love with all my heart!
I love you little stinker bug!! Don't grow up too fast!!

Love, mommy!