Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Drive In!!

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE the drive in?!?! NO?????? well.... I do! I cannot even begin to describe the excitement I feel when we go to the drive in! Its really quite childish and mildly pathetic (my husband would agree with this statement probably a little too eagerly!) but I dont even care one bit! I LOVE THE DRIVE IN!  I have so many childhood memories of going to the drive in and feeling so "cool" because well as every child knows. thats just what cool kids do- duh! haha There are so many movies I saw at the drive in and everytime I think back I remember it feeling almost magical! Laugh if you want but I am totally serious! And I know for a fact that my whole family will back me up! haha well when things are that good you simply must keep them going your whole life! So as good parents Kurt and I knew it was only in Kellers best interest to attend! wink! wink! So to the drive in we went! We went with Kurts family and all the kiddos to see Monster's University and the Lone Ranger- both were great! ... i think.. I kida fell asleep through 50% of the lone ranger because we had been boating all morning, but I am sure it was simply spectacular (because well, everything is spectacular at the drive in- right??)!! Well all I can say, is Keller loved it! I am not even kidding! He laughed and giggled through the whole first movie- I am not sure how he even managed to stay awake! I am pretty sure he only missed the last 10 minutes! Not even one bit of fussiness came from that sweet boy- why??? oh thats because he is totally his mommas child! I think the love of adventure and outdoor movies runs in the blood... poor Kurt! haha
well since it was dark I dont have too many pictures but I did snap a few of all the cute little cousins playing before the start of the show....

He popped the question and she said.... YES!!!

Yes, you heard right..... he popped the question and she said YES!!! alright friends can I just tell you how cute this girl is!!

who is she you might ask?!? well this is the newest member of the fam!!!! Introducing the now Mrs. Challis Wuthrich! yup!! this beauty is my new sister in law! can I get a woot! woot!
Dan and challis are married!! and well lets just pretend that I'm not super behind and that I am posting this last week deal before they said the big I Do's? deal!!  Deal!! :)
Okay so before they had their big day, we had a big day for the bride! A bridal shower of course!
And well, what better theme than the 3 letter word that started it all.... Y-E-S!! Yesiree they sealed the deal and set a date and to celebrate... we ate a heck of a lot of candy! (because the best kind of decor is the edible kind, right?!?!) so u can only decorate so much by simply saying Yes, we also tied in some delicious candy and sweets!  
Well, this lovely lady happens to love the color pink so pink it is! pink lollipops, pink pixie sticks, pink bubble gum, pink cupcakes, etc... you name it we ate it! So lets just hop along to the pictures! :)

It started with this invite....

and please forgive me as My picture are kinda all screwy... I only had my phone for a camera.. whoops! try to ignore the goofy angles! haha eventually I will learn! :)

sorry about the icky backdrop... it was origionally going to be outside.. next time I will be prepared for those quick changes! eek!!
the food table... My amazing mom cooked enough for an army!
The turnout was amazing.. considering 80% of the cute girls had to drive to 30-45 minutes to get there! and due to crazy weather had to have a last minute location change... Thank heaven for churches! haha and amazingly cute family and friends! (am I right or what!?!)

Wedding pics coming soon!! :) And like always... please feel free to give me any and all input and advice! Id love to hear it!! :)...

 update..... wedding PICS!!! WARNING.... these are in no particular order.. nor will they make sense to most- they are a little bit of this and a little bit of that! After all, it was my brother's wedding and I was caught up in the moment... not the best pic taker.. so sorry!!
Keller's wedding reception attire.. it was an outdoor carnival theme! AND, the colors were PINK!!! 

SOOOO.. Keller neded a Pink polo shirt- which are IMPOSSIBLE to find for baby boys-- and so we searched hi and low for a girls pink polo without images on it and found nothing... so we got a pink onsie and attempted to sew a PAPER tie and cheesey suspenders... bad idea seeing as how Keller slobbers non stop! The paper tie tore off before the ceremony.. so he was left looking ... well sweet! haha,, He looked like a cute horribly dressed little wedding crasher- BUT cute non the less! haha 

The Cake, made by grandma! 

the gorgeous bride and her groom! 

Kell trying to sneak some cotton candy! 

cutting the cake! 

Matching Shoes! 

chatting it up with aunt jean at the water pool!

Chronicles of Veronica And Victoria.... hahahahahahahaha.... no words... I. LOVE. THEM.

A few of their gorgeous pics...
Most of the immediate family! .. okay lie.. we are missing about half.. but still! 

well, thats all for now folks!