Sunday, February 15, 2015

a little post about Valentines day with only a gazillion pictures!

A little Valentine farm adventure with little miss Berklie and her mamma!!

you cant really tell- BUT Keller was so excited to ride the horsey and had been begging to do so for weeks!! 

The aftermath of a fun filled adventurous day.... a peaceful Costco trip for me with two sleeping babies! 

Okay be warned... I took a few.... million... pictures of my adorable kiddos in their darling new valentine shirts from "maamaa thomas" (Grandma Thomas!) They were being so stinkin cute- so how could I not?!? BUT be warned... like i said, there are ALOT of pictures... and just think, I didn't even put up half of them! hahaha! 

That little tongue!!! I LOVE it!!

hahahahaha they both look like they were caught red handed... annnnd Keller has about 5 giant jelly bean things in his mouth! 

He wanted candy in his picture... why??? "i good mom... mom.. mom.. wellwer good all day!" 

a mouth full of candy = a very happy holiday indeed!!


first time eating a sucker.. courtesy of her brother... hahaha she was a fan! 

SOOO.. he thinks he is pretty funny with that sucker stick... and I thought so too! I love this little goober and the endless faces he makes! 

Okay and for a few from earlier in the day! 

ohhh i just love my little Valentines!! 

ohh and ps.. this little lady sat for the very first time like a big girl in a shopping cart today and loved it!!! And Keller loved pushing her around like a big boy!! I am the luckiest mommy ever and I couldn't love these two more!!

OH and just in case you thought we were done?!?! NOPE!!! MORE PICTURES!!!

Keller picked out a valentine for Sailor... a new addition to our road/ track and a new elephant car! She was so excited to play with her big brother!! 

all of our valentines "swag" on the table! hahaha

all three of my valentines in one picture!! Keller picked out a very special valentine for his daddy.... a Huge box of TWINKIES AND CUPCAKES annnnd... THREE balloons!! He was so excited to help Kurt open his valentine gift! 

and of course then there is this little misters valentine surprise that he picked out all by himself a train track and a Thomas train to add to his collection!! He was so so sooooo excited to play with it all day and all night! 

"ahh slow down thomas! no more tracks!!!" hahaha obviously we will have to invest in more tracks!