Saturday, August 15, 2015


You guys, this past July we didn't make it to any parades- in fact- the last time we had been to a parade, was when Keller was around 9 months old.. so it had been awhile! Well, I was sad thinking that we missed it for the year... UNTIL... my mother in law told me about the Bluffdale Days... A.MAZ.ING!
A parade with candy, cousins, and carnivals... what could be better?!?! 
We had so much fun! It took Keller and Sailor a little while to adjust and figure out the ins and outs but once they did- they were in heaven! Sailor more so than Keller.... She realized that candy was being thrown... and well... need I say more?! Free candy?!? Yes please!

waiting so patiently for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive... they were so confused! haha

The gang waiting for the parade to start! Bailey loves Sailor! It is absolutely adorable to watch her cater to Sailor's every whim... Sailor takes a bit to warm up to all of the attention- but after an hour or two she snuggles Bailey just as much!

Keller was a little nervous at all of the VERY loud sirens at first with the firemen, police men, and Flag going down the street- he soon warmed up.... 

anxiously awaiting more candy and treats! Keller and Sailor both scored ENORMOUS amounts of candy, tshirts, and Sailor even got a little teddy bear! I would call that a success! 

These three held hands running around in excitement for the first 10 minutes and it was absolutely darling! I am so glad that Keller gets to grow up so close to his cousins! 

Little Reese shootin the water guns! 

Kell and Grandpa shootin the gun! You guys... i am not quite sure how... but my kids are shy! Keller was so excited to play all of the games- until the game worker said hi to him... then he wanted nothing to do with it- it is hilarious and frustrating! I love this goofy little boy of mine! 

little miss bailey killin it at the pig toss! Three for three!!!

Sailor thinks that she can do anything that the big girls do... handing her ticket to plan the game with Bailey! haha

Bailey telling Sailor how to play the game....

they told keller that you have to "get" the balls in the holes... so he carefully set each ball in... hahaha 

Heading home after a fun filled BUSY... BUSY.. and SUPER FREAKING HOT morning of FUN!!! I am so glad that we went! We cant wait to go again next year!  

little snippets of fun...

it is so fun to have a little twinner... I need to take advantage of it while I can! 

have I told you that this little lady is a wee bit dramatic?!?!

"mom, take a picture of my "creepy" face" hahahahaha

because she is just too cute in her little polka dot outfit

adventures at the Museum of Natural Curiosity

these two little kiddos are so blessed to have such a sweet Auntie Nat to play with each week while mommy and daddy work! We love her!

and of course ice cream cones at Thanksgiving Point

this little independent mr is my favorite little boy ever! He is growing up too fast but somehow my heart grows bigger everyday and i love him more and more! Keller bug- you are hilarious- stubborn- and my favorite little buddy boy! 

Oh you know... Keller was just "helping" to put the groceries away

This little lady LOVES to be independent... and messy! haha

Okay guys.... we bought a pet! TWO actually.... meet our little gold fishies.... "Thomas/Diesel 10... and Toby" Sadly, Toby (Keller's fish) only lasted a few hours... not sure why- i think the poor thing struggled with the atmosphere change... but Little Thomas... who Keller recently changed the name to Diesel 10.. I think he hopes with a tougher name- it will be a tougher little fishy! But we are going on day 5 and the little trooper is still a little champ! Keller and Sailor LOVE it... its really funny actually! Keller checks on it multiple times a day and feeds it.. "not too much food mom- or his tummy will hurt and he will die in the potty chair like Toby..." at least he knows not to over feed it right! haha and the funniest part, each morning he proudly announces "mom! its not dead yet!"... so perhaps its a good thing we started with a fish for a pet... maybe I prepared him a little too much that fishies sometimes dont live very long! haha It is cute to watch both Keller and Sailor talk to their fish everyday! 

Sometimes when the boys go out for their rollerblading us girls have a princess party!! Princesses and painting nails! You guys- this little doll right here... you know the cute baby girl... ya she is my everything! I am the luckiest mamma to have the sweetest boy and girl to call my own!!!

These two... they put up with me... like constantly!!Just call me their personal paparazzi! really though, can you blame me! they are just too dang CUTE!!!