Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sailor Mae 4 month pictures

My Little princess is now 4 months old and is now officially the same size her big brother was at TWO months! hahahahaha I never realized just how big Kell was until now! I feel like Sailor is getting too big too fast and she is half the size that Keller was! What a sweet little princess! 
at four months she is a whopping 13 lbs. 25 in.
I love my tall and skinny little green bean!
at four months, Sailor LOVES to talk... or shall i say yell?? She is one loud little peanut and i love it! She loves to make eye contact with someone.. anyone and then chat chat chat! She will keep talking until she either falls asleep, gets hungry, or they walk away! She is the happiest little lady you ever did see! She is all smiles- all the time! She loves her big brother more than anything! And does everything in her power that she possibly can to keep up with him.... hence the rolling... She will roll and roll and roll to get from point A to point B and it is just about one of the funniest things ever to watch! She loves to suck and chew on EVERYTHING!!! She has to have a toy or her fist or food in her mouth at all times.. except of course when she is talking!  
Oh and she cannot wait to eat! She gets jealous every night when we sit down for dinner and will smile at Kurt or I until one of us gives in and lets her taste something! The girl loves to eat... if only her body would remember just how much she loves having a full tummy and quit spitting up! 
Aycarumba- this girl can spit up like nobody's business!.. we are working on that!
All in all our little lady is such a joy and we just love her to pieces! She is growing up way too fast and wishes so badly that she could walk... heck I am sure she wishes she could run! I am hoping she will take her time... but doubting it! I am guessing she will be an early mover like her big brother... I need to start working out so that I can keep up with both of these crazy little kiddos! 
Okay now for the pictures of our little princess! 

Okay and forgive me for some reason, I could not get the lighting right on my camera and was totally washing this little lady out half the time- But I cant help but to still post them because she is just too darn cute, not to post! Those eyes... those thighs... thsoe fingers ... and toes!! Oh I just love her to pieces!!! MUAH!!

this poor girl did not like that she couldn't suck on the ornament- she tried so hard to find a suckable surface but no luck and she was not pleased!

2014 Family Pictures

Okay ladies and gents I present to you a few of our family pictures....

Family pictures this year were a bit.. um.... interesting! The day we had booked for our pictures was November 1st... the day after that perfect warm Halloween! What could go wrong, right?!? Well after that warm and peaceful Hallows eve the next day was CRAZY WINDY!!! and CRAZY COLD!!! Oh and lets not forget the rain! Yes our 'perfect day' for pictures was turning out to be a perfect disaster!!! So some last minute outfit alterations..LAYERS.. lots and lots of layers and tons of hair spray and gel to try and keep our hair in place during the 'beautiful' blustry day we headed out to make some memories! It all started out okay... but holy smokes, it was FREEZING!!! Poor little Sailor was such a champ even though she was clearly freezing! So through the stress of it all our planned hour and a half of picture taking quickly ended after only 30 minutes because well lets just say poor little Sailor was done! Her cheeks were a definite hue of blue-  It was a little scary and I felt awful!! And so that was that and we were done I was a nervous wreck thinking that we just blew that money away in the wind because how on earth would we get our moneys worth after only 30 freezing minutes?Well I am happy to announce that we did get a few good ones! I will not lie this wasn't my favorite year of all our pictures and a few we were sent aren't necessarily my favorite- but the poor girl didnt have much to work with! And the few that I love... lets just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So even through all that crazy mess of a fiasco I think that it was worth it! And I love my crazy little family- so a crazy eventful day is kind of just expected! haha
Here are a few of my favorites.... oh and to start things off with a little laugh let me just show you one of my least favorites..... :(
call me crazy but.. .really????? Why ??? there are no words! hahaha
Okay now that I just gave you a good laugh... or nightmares... here are a few of my favorites!

our biggest challenge of the night ... getting this little man to smile... fail! BUT what can I say, he is a little cutie pie even if he is little mr serious! I just love this little man of mine! 

okay i have a love hate relationship with this picture.... and the next! haha they are some of my favorites- but Keller's little half opened eyes! hahahahaha And you can clearly tell Sailor and I are freezing!!!!!! 

I love this little family of mine!!! Even Kell's semi opened fluttering eyes! hahaha He sure loves his baby sis- that is one thing that I can never complain about! He would hug and kiss her all day if we let him!

We are so blessed to have these two little angels in our lives! Keller and Sailor your mommy and daddy love you two more than you will ever know! 

my boys!!! I love these two more than words can even begin to describe!

guys I cannot begin to describe the fear that filled me taking these pictures- that water was running fast and was a good 4 feet drop off and Keller wanted to just jump right in- It was all Kurt and I could do to keep him away from the edge! 

note to self... next time take pics when it is warm because this cardigan is freakin me out in this pic and the next... I feel like I now have a self conscious hunch back! hahahaha booooo! I promise it is just the awkward cardigan.... I hope... excuse me while I go and cry! hahaha

Well ladies and gents, thats a wrap- family pictures are done- one more year down... until next year! hahaha

Saturday, November 8, 2014

St. George in October

There is nothing I love more than sneaking away with my family!! Just my sweetheart, my kiddos, and me.... HEAVEN!!! We were lucky to have grandma spend a few days with us! Grandma is Keller's best friend! We spent our days boating, shopping, swimming, eating, and just being together!!!

Okay and now for the pictures!!! There are  a ton... and they are in no particular order, so sorry!!! ENJOY!!!
Ever since I knew I was having a baby boy I would think of what he would look like, be like, you know.. everything! Well ladies and gents, this little guy right here- is the spitting image of my dreams! He has made me the worlds luckiest  mommy! I love you little dude!  

okay you guys... dont laugh.. so I kid you not, when I say I felt like I was flying! I was so proud of my jumps that I told Kurt to get some pictures... I thought I was a good 6 feet in the air.... I was SOOO excited- when I got back on the boat I looked through all the pictures and was so embarrassed! hahahahaha I was not getting even a third of the air I thought I was! hahaha and I thought I was so cool... dang reality! But at least it was fun right???  We will just pertend that Kurt missed the "HIGH" part of the jump... perhaps the peak was 10 feet.. I am THAT cool!! not :) haha Oh well, Keller still thinks i'm cool! 

my sleepy little co captain! 

watching AMC's fear fest... its all fun and games until we almost got stranded in the middle of nowhere on our way home... Then we were regretting watching 5 days worth of scary movies! haha

my favorite view in the entire world!! I love these three!!!

my little snuggle bug! 

you guys- this kid- ay ay ay!!! He is OBSESSED with our phones, ipads, computers... you name it and he cant wait to get his little hands all over it.. grimming it up and pushing all the buttons he can! 

Keller helped pack his own lunch.... he wanted a sandwich... but I will never know why, as he only ate the middle... who needs bread?!?

Our handsome Captain! 

keller wanted to drive by himself.... one day little buddy... one day!

this little lady does this nearly every time we first go to put her jacket on... not a fan! 

zoned out!

really though!!! Is she not adorable!!! And that suit!!! Thanks Jenn! We love it- I need to send you a pics from our last trip!

real life ladies and gents.... this little lady had a monster sized blow out when we were leaving the park!  

Okay you guys- Kurt gave in and we tried swig again..... Our thoughts: the cookies, are delicious! The soda is delicious... (except since I actually don't drink soda, ... I get the cranberry juice with the mango puree added... delicious.. and  for a bit of a kick I sip it with a bit of Kurt's mt dew! AMAZING!!!) Kurt like  to get the dirty Mt Dew.  The smoothies on the other hand- NO!! I was not a huge fan and they are expensive for what they are... I would much rather wait and grab a smoothie at Roxberry or Jamba.. they are bigger and cheaper! But as for Swig- I say do it for the drinks and cookies.... We did.. twice! haha

she loves her daddy!

Our babies sure love their grandma!! 

early morning stickers... EVERYWHERE!!!
The PARK!!! 

Officially done boating for the year! sleepy babies... winterizing... starving! hahaha