Wednesday, September 2, 2015

a simple saturday....

Its all in a days work..... or in a days play! 
This past Saturday was a doosy! We started our day nice and early! We got up- got ready- and headed out the door! We dropped daddy off at work- and we were off to Bountiful. We stopped at Kohl's to pick up a birthday present and my oh my was it a good thing that we did! We hit the jackpot on clothing sales!... yes I know I said that we went to get a birthday present... but trust me, these sales were too good to pass up... especially since my kids think it is okay to grow faster than weeds! And I learned a new thing about Keller.... apparently he is now the boss- as all times! He picked out all of the clothes he "needed so bad" and wouldn't let me help! That being said... we ended up with no less than FIVE dinosaur/ t-rex shirts, a train shirt, a ninja turtle shirt, a spider-man shirt, and a few others.... yes he was in charge. also- it was kinda frustrating because he no longer fits in the toddler clothing... yes my two... almost 3 year old- has to wear a children's size 5/6... boo!!! good thing he is into being a "big kid" because all big kid clothes are so different than the toddler clothes- the designs, etc... when did my baby grow up to be a kid?!?  So anyways, we loaded up our cart- grabbed a birthday present- and were on our way to Micheal's birthday party! 
Sadly I didn't get any pictures of Micheal's adorable party- but I did get a few of Keller in heaven on the slide! after about 30 minutes to warm up- he had so much fun racing his aunts and cousins up and down the slides! 

After our fun at the park we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house! Keller and Sailor were both so excited when everyone arrived and they couldn't wait to head out to see all of the animals!

Sailor sure loves her Grandpa! She is pretty funny... she picks and chooses who she will go to... but with Grandpa, there is never a question, she always goes! 

Feeding the Llamas!... .or as Keller calls them when he forgets what they are..." mom, you know those weird horse things at Grandpa Wuthrich's house?"

this dude is awesome.... he is such a sweet little brother- an awesome baseball player, and a "sick tight" uncle as Keller says! He made this "fortress" for their BBgun/ airosoft war fights! I love that  Keller loves his uncle "Antny"


Keller was taking all of the "seeds" (kernels) out for the llamas.... 

These kiddos LOVED helping Grandpa "Antny" and "Nonica" pick veggies! Keller kept asking to stay for just "Dis many more minutes mom" as he held up all ten little dirty fingers! In the car on the way back to pick up Kurt from work, he kept begging to go back and later! Such a sweetheart!

My parents are awesome... we went to pick up a dozen corn cobs and came home with all of this....

Its funny really.... as a child I always thought it was torture gardening- all of the planting, picking, weeding.....etc 
and then the canning and salsa making.... I was certain that I would never do these things when I grew up....
BUT.... now I miss it! I look back and see all the fun times we had in the garden- the endless food- and so much more! As Keller insisted on helping me wash and cut all of the peppers, I couldn't stop thinking of all of the many many hours I spent in the kitchen with my own mom cutting peppers, snapping beans, making salsa, etc... etc... etc.... so many memories! 
i am so excited to be doing these things now with my own little sweethearts! 

And last but not least.... okay these pics weren't from last Saturday- BUT I had to include them because obviously they are too cute not to! 
BROWNIE MAKING!!! This was Sailors first time ever sneaking batter... probably not the best idea on my part since she has been vomiting constantly- but it was only a few licks... and look at that smile!! 

All in all, Even though our days can get a little crazy... 
they are so full of adventure! and I will take every minute I can!