Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Years!!!

 We love the Larsen's! Keller has been asking for days to see his "best girl" ... who he later informed us was Berklie! I love that we have little traditions with our lifelong friends and even better... I LOVE that our kids all love our silly little traditions too!  Here's to another great year full of family and friends!!!

OHH!!! and for other traditions.... that means welcoming in the new year by watching the Winter Classic (hockey) and eating fresh made Cinnamon rolls! 

Happy New Years!!

a few December happenings...

A little bit of our December chaos in no particular order!!!

This little guy is becoming a champion ice skater.... ohh and he LOVES "COSA BIDA!!!" all day every day... (Costa Vida!)

Keller was very pleased with our decorations... 

Family Christmas Party #1 with the Thomas Family!

trying to get a picture with all of these kiddos together is quite the ordeal... mostly due to the little lady in the front.... Sailor would NOT hold still!!

More ice skating adventures! 

Sailors first time on skates!!!

My little helpers..... 

More ice skating!

Family Christmas Party #2 with the Calls!

my little cheesers!!!

Sledding inside down the stairs!