Sunday, February 21, 2016

so many pictures......... 
she loves to pick out her own outfits.... 

this boy!! 

Smith's knows the way to this girls heart... in one trip she was given a cookie, a TON of lunch meat... like holy smokes! and a lolli pop... apparently she knows who to smile at!

This little lady LOVES lipstick .. and making faces... and messes! 

Our valentines  didn't go exactly as planned... this little teething lady is struggling BUT she is a trooper! 

daddy teaching his little princess to box..... she thinks it is HILARIOUS!!

first ski day of the year!! 

painting nails and sass!!!

hangin out with Cousins!! 

its totally normal to fall asleep sitting up... right???

THE ENDURANCE SPORTS SHOW!!! Year two is in the books!! It was a crazy few days but we all survived! Next year... here we come!! 

"makin banana pancakes!!!"

PAINTING!! We love our craft days!! 

I am not even lying... they BEGGED to wash the wall... they even cried when we told them no more! hahahaha child slavery?? or MIRACLE!!! i will take it as a miracle!! 

Hard BOY’ed Eggs…

Hard BOY’ed Eggs…

Sailor LOVES hard boiled eggs… like she would try to eat a dozen a day if  she could get away with it.
Keller, on the other hand struggles with hard boiled eggs… I don’t know if it’s the texture, the smell, or what- but he has just never been a fan- so I don’t even try to get him to eat them because it isn’t worth the gagging, tantrums, etc..
Well, today after I made a fresh batch of hard boiled eggs for the week Sailor ran up the stairs as fast as she could to start begging for one… and then came Keller….
Keller- “Mommy what are you making?”
Me – “just some hard boiled eggs..”
Keller- “Ohh I obviosy (obviously) need to eat some of those since I am a boy…”
Me- “But I thought you didn’t like them..”
Keller- “OF COURSE I DO! They are for BOYS!!!.. that is why they are
 ‘Hard BOY-OD eggs mommy- it is because they are just for boys! Not girls! But it is okay I will still share with you and baby sayer (Sailor)”
There was no way I was going to argue with him about it… so I figured what the heck…
so I peeled an egg for Keller and Sailor and let them have at it… Sailor in her usual lady like manner.. dove right in!
Keller… took a bite… gagged a little bit… and announced…
 “mom- are you sure these ones are the boy ones? They taste pretty weird- but I guess I will eat it…”
I couldn’t stop laughing- and surprisingly he ate it with no pressuring from me… usually if he is done with something- there is no bribery in the world to make him change his mind… Little did I know it only needs to have the word “boy” in it to make him think it is a must!

Captain America needs play dates too!

Life has been so full of so many lessons for me lately- the biggest of which has been learning to balance everything!
I am blessed to have a great job that gives me flexibility and allows me to work from home- amazing!! However, it has been a huge learning curve too! Learning to discipline myself  and work when I need to work- but be a mommy always has been such a rough one for me. 
I have been trying so hard to be present with my kiddos when i'm home and even though I need to step back at times and work- I couldn't be more grateful for the times I get to watch, play , and wrestle with my little ones! 

My newest lesson... learning to pick my battles and let my kiddos be kiddos! After letting me work the other morning the kiddos and I needed some fresh air! so we went on a walk!!!However, this walk was unlike any other... I was joined by Captain America! 
Keller insisted on wearing his cute little Halloween costume, a hat, and a sticker on his face... because obviously they are a must! 
He insisted I call him captain america, but then each time I did call him that- he would also quickly remind me that he was really Keller! 
As we walked to the park he started laughing and told me... "mommy wouldn't it be so funny if I knocked on that door and they gave me candy!" (next Halloween little buddy!!!)
And then there is my little Sailor love- she LOVES her big brother and he loved showing her all of the ins and outs of the park!
I also learned that Sailor has absolutely NO fear! anything that Keller did she insisted on doing... by herself! I loved watching these two and I wouldn't trade these moments for anything! 

adventures on the baby slide...

spin... spin... spinnnnnn 

adventures on the big "super hero" slide! 

I could listen to their little conversations all day everyday!! Keller is such an incredible big brother who teaches his "baby" constantly! and Sailor loves every minute! I LOVE THEM!!! 

Home from the park and its time to read books... Keller wanted to read to all his superheros! He set them all up by himself and even set up Sailors toys too! I love this new little obsession! These two are my everything!!!

just look at those cute little crossed legs!!!