Monday, January 6, 2014

Our christmas adventures for 2013

What an amazing Christmas season it has been! So many memories, adventures, and just plain fun! I only wish I would have taken more pictures!!!

 We had so much fun with family at each family party and gathering! And we all know that they go by way too quickly! As busy as the weeks surrounding Christmas seem to be at times, they always seem to fly by faster than possible. So I figured we better start documenting J

Well to start things off- Keller was soooo much fun this year! He loved every little decoration- and surprisingly he only “injured” one.. yup he sat on Santa’s lap… little did he know  that this little Santa only had little sticks for legs! Santa -0  Keller-1.  But that didn’t stop him at all- he continued to give his “baby” Santa and snowman kisses every morning and as often as he could! We lucked out with this little sweetheart I tell ya! He melts this mommy’s heart!

Oh.. and I mustn’t forget this beauty….


Yes the good ol’ chocolate advent  calendar! Every morning when he woke up, as we would get breakfast ready Keller would eagerly run to the counter and point to his calendar. This boy had to have his chocolate! Don’t judge.. yes it was breakfast time.. but it was only one little square per day J that makes it okay right??

We went to see the lights in temple square- Keller was a little confused as to why mom and dad insisted on bundling him up to hang out in the freezing cold for hours! I couldn’t help but to laugh at all his layers.. I may have over done it, seeing as how he couldn’t even bend his arms! Now I know how this little guy felt………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

you cant tell that well in this picture- but this little guys movement was EXTEREMLY limited!!

This little guy loves giving hugs and kisses! Little K smothering Reece in hugs and kisses in the visitors center!
playing on the toys in City Creek- Dad was a little hesitant to let him play- But we got him to give in and obviously Keller LOVED every second!!
All in all we had such a fun time with all of our family! And best of all after Christmas eve Kurt even got a week and a half off to spend with his little buddy! Keller loved having his daddy home every day!!! BUT before we get to those adventures we cant forget this one…..

Christmas morning!!!

Our Christmas morning started with a few hiccups… caution is advised J

Little K woke up crying at 5AM covered in diarrhea… ya told you it wasn’t pretty. Well after cleaning up my little angel I started getting sick- the smell set me off like you couldn’t believe! Trust me it was not pretty.  So basically we started our Christmas morning with a sick baby and sick mommy… well as we tried to calm Keller down we headed down stairs and that is when Keller saw everything tucked under the tree! His whimpering almost instantly stopped! He looked at the presents and then at mom and dad… as if to ask…. “umm… can I touch these ones?” We couldn’t help but to laugh at his excitement when we handed him his stocking and first present.

However- mom and dad didn’t really think through the present logic… maybe we should’ve saved this one for last?


Yes I don’t know who was more excited- Keller or Kurt! Kurt had been counting down for weeks to give Keller his first hockey set! And needless to say… Keller LOVED IT!! He loved it so much in fact, we had to hide it later in the day so that we could get his attention back to opening the other gifts!! Gift opening was an all-day event for us- but it was perfect and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!! (well I could have done without feeling like crud- BUT… it was still a perfect day non the less!)


Oh and lets not forget... we got to talk to Natalie!!! My amazing little sis who is serving in the Tampa Bay Florida mission!!!
Keller loved listening to everyone on the speaker phone! even though he looks super grumpy.. yes he was sick! He loved every minute!! As did Kurt and I!! We are so proud of you little natty lou!!
We were absolutely spoiled by everyone this year and are so very grateful!!! But most of all we are grateful for this little ham and all the excitement he brings into our family!! Little Keller bug mom and daddy sure love you and we love to spoil you!!! The way your sweet face has lit up our home this Christmas season has been the perfect reminder of what this season is really about! Thank you for helping your crazy parents every day! We love you more than you’ll ever know!!! Merry Christmas little buddy!!

making ginger bread houses with addie! This was a few weeks ago- but I figured it worked best with the Christmas post :)