Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Another" Fathers Day?!?

Okay so I know Father's Day has passed and I am now way behind the times but I promise I have not been lazy! Haha this little man tends to keep me on my feet 99.9% of the time!!!

This little monkey is all over the place!

and better yet... why celebrate fathers on just one day?!? why not make the celebration last every day! So in my lame attempt to stay on top of things I declare today a Father's Day (round 2 perhaps) there is so much and more that I could say about fathers! Where to even begin?!!?! What is a father?
A father is the man- a caregiver- a protector- a mentor- and so much more! But my favorite definition of a father?!? A DAD! What’s the big difference you say?!? Well nothing against "fathers" but dads are just where it's at! A dad is a father and well so much more!! A dad is a friend and sometimes an enemy when it takes being the bad guy to keep you safe.  A dad is someone who A dad is a superhero who teaches you how to fly and seems unbreakable. A dad is the tough guy who's not afraid to play dress up. A dad is someone who snuggles and wrestles and loves unconditionally. A dad is a homework partner staying up all night to make sure your work is finished—even if it means them doing more work than you! A dad is someone who knows all the Spice Girls songs and dances not because he is a fan of the spice girls but because he is your number one fan!! A dad is someone who dresses up to play cowboys and indians simply because your child needs another cowboy. A dad is someone who listens to audition songs to the point of torture! :) A dad is just oh so many things!! A dad is someone you can call and talk to about everything and nothing at all! A dad is someone who will always be there no matter what! I could go on and on but the easiest explanation is a dad is one of a kind!!
Words simply cannot express how blessed I am to have the world’s greatest dad- and I know that statement is more common than not but it is the truth! Plain and simple- my dad is the best! I recently saw this clip- which in all honesty describes my dad to the “t”!

This clip makes my eyes water for many reasons but mostly because it is so realistic and so true! I think often times it is so easy to overlook these small things and focus on the negative things in life and I just want to point this out that – the reasons we often see as “negatives” are often blessings that we just fail to recognize! So I want to say thanks dad! You truly are the greatest and although I don’t tell you near enough you are the best and I love you! I am especially grateful to you because- because of the example you were to me and the way you treat mom and all those around you I was able to find a man who treats me with all the love in the world! I have been blessed with the most incredible husband who works so hard and who comes home every night from work with a smile on his face excited to snuggle his baby boy! It has been an incredible experience this past year to see Kurt grow from being such an amazing hubby to an incredible father! I am so grateful and so incredibly blessed to have him in my life and I couldn’t ask for a better father for my children! Kurt loves Keller with all his heart and it is so exciting seeing them bond and play together! I love the way Keller’s eyes light up when Kurt gets home from work! These are little things I always wanted and now it is an absolute thrill to see them on a day to day basis! Kurt thank you for being such an incredible father and husband! I am so grateful for you and all that you do for us! I am so blessed to have a husband who is able to hold the priesthood and be such an incredible patriarch of our home! Thanks sweetheart! You are my world!!!
There are so many others I could go on and on about but just real quick I would feel so ungrateful if I didn't express my love and gratitude for my incredible father in law as well! I have been so blessed to have married into an incredible family the father of which is well in no better way to describe him--- a superhero?  I am not saying that he runs around in spandex- haha BUT I am saying that he is truly a saint- he is such an incredible example to me and he in so many ways reminds me of my own dad! Ya I know how lucky am I to have both of the world’s greatest dads as my own?!? And lucky for all of you- they are so great maybe.. just maybe… I will share J but seriously I am just so grateful for him and all that he has done for us in our own little family! And most of all I am just ooober (that’s a word right??) grateful that he raised such an incredible son! I see so much of Kurt’s dad in him and I just have to sit back and laugh at times at their resilience to ask for help and their budgeting extremes but in all reality those are things I am so glad that Kurt has learned as it keeps us on our feet and able to do all that we love! I love that Kurt has a love of boating and skiing that he has picked up from his dad and grandpa! I see the relationships both of our parents and grandparents have and I know that it is due not only to the amazing women but to the incredible men in this family and their worthiness and love of the gospel and all of those around them! I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with- with fathers, grandfathers, an incredible husband and a son! I love that I am surrounded by so many great men! I am so blessed to have a heavenly father who loves me and trusts me enough to have these great men in my life and I can only hope to live up to their incredible examples! Thank you all for all you do for me!! I love you I love you I love you!!
Oh and happy (super late) father’s day!!!! J

Oh and for some pics to show you just how awesome these men are :) ...........

oh and these are our cute primary kiddos who made fathers day letters for their amazing daddy's too!

Going GREEN!!!

Oh Hi friends so yes it is true I have been a little MIA lately when it comes to this blog but in all reality- whats new?!? I feel like every post I write is way behind in the times but I am improving right?!? haha not- but a little pretending never hurt anyone :).
 Well I am pleased to admit that I have been gone for good reasons... one of which is... (drumroll please...)

We have officially gone from blah...


TAAA--- DAAA!!!!!! :)

Yessirree we have gone green!! Finally!!! It has been quite the challange to finally get our grass in with all the weed removal, leveling, golpher removal, etc.. etc.. .etc... BUT I am sooooooooooooo excited to say it is done! can I get a woot! woot! Now for the backyard.... hahaha that is still a work in progress but it is surely coming along! We will have to wait to throw our seed down till after this water shortage! ay carumba! Well family and freinds that is all... I just wanted to share my excitement with you!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Look “WHOOOOs” having a baby!

Alright ladies and babies let me start out by saying how much I love to bake and decorate and pretend I know what I am doing… however I do want to clarify that I truly have no idea what on earth I am doing but I do love every single second of the madness and it is all a learning process! So all craziness aside, I decided how fun would it be to plan and decorate parties. be a mommy, start project after project, re landscape, work full time, plan to one day open a preschool, etc… etc.. etc… … plan much? Ya well, that’s me..  But is it weird that I love it.. mostly (I would love to be a mommy/ party planner/ preschool teacher/ superhero.. etc (you know the basics) and quit my day job but sadly I must be realistic.. haha darn its rough to be an adult!) –
Well all joking and craziness aside, my cute friend and I threw a baby shower for the soon to be mommy Miss Rochelle Behle! And I don’t want to brag.. BUT… I was soooo excited how it all turned out!
Rochelle and Ty are expecting their first baby this coming July! And what better way to welcome a beautiful baby girl than having a baby shower!
We started with the theme! Actually scratch that… we started with the colors J
Pink and Green! (these are the colors they are doing in the nursery!)  

 After the colors... comes the theme! Which was inspired by the cutest little owl decoration (a shelf decor item) whic hwas used as the diaper cake topper and an adorable little frame! Sorry I dont have better pictures! Whoops :(

This is the invitation we used... there was a ton of cut and pasting done and it is not my origional design. I found the basic invitation layout online. The wording was mine ... Not my best work but not too shabby ehh?


Now I am hoping to post more pictures soon with the little details from the shower but I didn’t take any (arrgh!! But cute Atalie did so we do have documentation.. hopefully coming soon... let me know if you are interested) But here are a few of the pics I took before everything was ready…

aka.. mostly the food! :) Here are the cookies...
I started with the "mamma owls" but realized they were HUGE!! but soo much fun to make! so in realizing the mammas were so big.. I decided to make some little baby owls... afterall, you cant have a baby shower without some baby goods right?!?

 below are the baby owls... I liked these more than the others but was pleased with both.. not too shabby for a beginner right?  (Please feel free to leave any feedback :) I will take all the help I can get.)  

  the banner: onsies! :)

the cake........ (please dont judge- this was my first shaped cake ever!) you cant have a party without cake ..right?!? even though we didnt eat made for quite the exciting night for the hubbys! They devoured the cake after a LOOONG night of games! pictures to come! trust me!!)

The setup... and more random pics..

The Gang... 

Cake, cookies, and frosting made 100% from scratch.... tutorials may be coming soon!

Well friends, that is all for now- more to come! I hope you enjoy!! If you have any helpful hints, tips, questions, or comments pelase dont hesitate to ask and share!  Thanks in advance!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shake.. Rattle ... and Roll!!!

Okay so you know when you get super excited and feel so productive getting everything on your long list of things to do done and right as you begin something happens and POOF! You end up being further behind than before? Yup well ya, that is pretty much the story of my life when it comes to blogging! I have 7 blog entries that are just sitting and waiting to be finished.. behind much?

Okay so Keller... who knew such a cute little baby could grow up to be such a cute little boy so fast?!? I could say this is the 7th month post but lets be honest, it would be closer to an 8th month post- seriously, where does the time go?!? Jumping, laughing, crawling, and climbing! What happened to my baby?!?!
Keller has been attempting to crawl walk, for months now! (literally since he was around 6 months .. he likes to pretend to be a big boy.. so sad!!) but as of saturday, may 18th.. this little guy perfected his army crawl! It was the happiest/ saddest mommy moment! Why is it so hard to let them grow up? It all goes so fast and it is so hard to let each stage go buy- BUT every stage is so fun so it makes it worth it! right?!?
I absolutly love being a mommy... have I said that enough? If not let me just say it one more time.... I LOVE.... BEING ... A.... MOMMY!!! what a challange, a belssing, and an every day miracle! Keller I love you sweetheart!

more pictures and videos to come... when my computer isnt being such a little stinker! :)

Boating... its what Thomas' do!

Let me start out by giving you a little idea of Kurts paradise...........

and this...

Yup.... and this....
(dont laugh... yes I am aware that our boat looks tiny behind our truck... one day we will move up in the world and upgrade... one day! but until then, this little beauty does just fine for our little family of three :) )

but its not only kurt's paradise... here is a little glimpse of mine!...

 But most of all..... this is my paradise right here!!! I love boating.. but I love love LOVE my boys!!!!!