Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24th pictures!

hey dearies! Well since the past two days during nap time I have been trying to catch up on blog posts so I don't forget anything... today I don't have much to say... BUT I do have TONS of pictures! Lets just say- that to celebrate this lovely pioneer day, we decided to have a little photo shoot this morning! haha my poor kiddos... they just don't know what they are in for... I LOVE TAKING THEIR PICTURES!! enjoy!

Sunday JULY 13TH...

So after contracting for weeks Sunday the 13th we decided to try and attempt a little family hike to maybe induce labor.. well it obviously didn't work especially because our walk only lasted about 10 minutes- BUT we did have a ton of fun together and we got some fun pictures...
Here goes...
So first and foremost... yes, Keller is topless! Right as we pulled the truck up to our final destination in Draper- he decided to puke milk all over the back seat of Kurt's truck... milk and 90 degree weather just don't mix well! so... right then and there, we knew our hike would be short lived so that the little guy wouldn't get sun burnt- so as short and sweet as our hike was, we still had fun!

look at those two handsome fellas just hikin away! 

Me and my boy! .. and my giant belly!

This handsome fella is my favorite!! 

Keller's favorite part of the hike... the drinking fountain! 

and we found the perfect street for long boarding on our way home... Kurt was in heaven!

i love my little family and even though our walk didnt induce labor- it was absolutely perfect! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In this very moment...

in this very moment....
as I sit here with both babies sleeping in my arms and at my side I cannot help but to feel total and complete love and gratitude!
in this very moment I am in my own little paradise! yes I am sore from the fun adventure of delivering my sweet baby girl and yes I am tired because here I am typing when both babies are sleeping... am I crazy?!? yes!!! but I can't help myself! I could sit here for hours watching these two precious littles sleep... who am I kidding that is what I do! I love it! they sleep so soundly and look so peaceful!
when I look at Keller and Sailor side by side I am in total shock at how huge Keller looks! how on earth did he get so big?!? and then I can't help but to think that in a year my baby girl will be big too... noooo!!! who gave these two littles of mine permission to grow up... it certainly was not me! but even though this perfect tiny little stage goes by so very quickly I wouldn't change a thing- because all of those little stages in between are my favorite as well!! I feel so blessed to be snuggling my babies and knowing that I am their mommy! so in this very moment I want nothing more than to sit and watch and soak in every second of their perfect little faces! Their little hands and feet, their smiles, and the sounds of them sleeping so peacefully! it is little moments like this that will pass far too quickly and I know I will miss them! so for here and now I will sit, watch, and listen to my sweet little loves! Mommy loves you Keller Bug and Sailor Mae! you are my everything!!!
don't you just love my awesome seat in the middle... yes the after effects of  pregnancy bring on a whole new level of sexy... NOT!! 


And for some heart melting photos....

this is how keller insists on watching cartoons half of the time

this little buddy started potty training yesterday (7/23/14)... HE LOVES IT!!! wish us luck! 

Whoops- I guess I'm allergic....

We had such an amazing and easy delivery with baby girl and I felt great afterwards... so great in fact that we told the docs there was no need to keep us the full 48 hours and they let us go after only 26 hours! yay us! haha  well that is until the cute aide asked me if I wanted to walk out or if I wanted her to find me a wheelchair.. I thought heck I can just walk out, I feel great... wrong!!!
by the time we got to the elevator I was feeling a little sore but didn't want to say anything- it's not that much further right?? as we got out of the elevator and exited the building I was really uncomfortable... but too much of a wimp to say anything... so I kept walking... through the parking lot.... and finally to the car! PHEW I made it! once our sweet aide walked away I looked at Kurt and he laughed- he knew I was hurting! "I don't think I can sit!" he laughed knowing that I wanted to say something but was too wimpy to- "sweetheart what were you thinking?" ya my thoughts exactly! LADIES, NEVER walk out ALWAYS have them wheel you out... trust me!! I could have sworn I tore stitches just from walking it hurt soooo bad later! well we got home and boy oh boy I could feel it all hitting me- the adrenaline from the day before was all wearing off and my body was hurting all over! Kurt being the sweet hubby he is went to smiths with the worlds most embarrassing shopping list ever.. for example... women's depends (seriously everyone should have these after giving birth- you will thank me later!) tucks, hemorrhoid ointment, milk (for Keller bug), lilac aveeno  baby lotion, and meds!
ya that is how much he loves me because he bought it all!!haha poor boy I an only imagine what the cashier was thinking..."is your wife a 90 year old woman?!?" i cannot even express to you how much I love him for doing this and more! sorry ladies but I stole the worlds greatest man off the market!
well once he got home with the meds and lovely list of supplies things were looking good! I popped in a good ol' Percocet and was feelin fine!
Kurt's mom dropped Keller off and brought us dinner! and we all started to relax! since Sailor girl was sleeping and Keller was wrestling daddy it was the perfect time to hop in the tub to try and ease the pain before nursing. (I'll spare you the details but lets just say with this weather your skin drys and cracks and it makes nursing HURT!) well I hoped in the tub and instantly knew something was wrong. I laid there shivering with hot water filling higher and higher, I felt like I couldn't move. I started shaking and couldn't breath. I yelled for Kurt as loud as I could. I was terrified. Kurt ran upstairs and turned the water off, he knew something was wrong. "you need to get out sweetheart- you need to get warm right now." but I couldn't move. Kurt lifted me out and helped me to the bed. I couldn't stop shaking. what was going on? Keller was terrified. baby girl woke up crying. what have I done? why did we convince them to send us home? my kids needed me, my husband needed me- but I couldn't do anything. I laid their crying uncontrollably literally thinking I was going to die. Kurt took my temperature 102.9. what was going on. "sweetheart we need to take you back in- I think your body is reacting to the medicine." no, I don't want to leave- I need to be here with my babies, with my husband. it will all be okay I just need to get warm. but I was terrified.. the worst case scenarios started flooding my mind- what if I died? I cried harder. Kurt held my head as he calmed Keller and sailor. I cried more. my temperature continued to climb.. 103... 104... the pain was unreal. as my shivering began to subside I laid there in pain worrying about everything! I looked at Kurt and told him my eyes felt a little puffy- it's probably from crying we both thought. Keller snuggled against me as I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later. Kurt had tucked Keller into bed and was rocking sailor. my temperature was kinda coming down.. 103.2 (only kinda..) I started feeling better and thought I could walk to the bathroom, Kurt helped me up and asked me if I was feeling okay... I didn't think anything if it because if everything that had just happened only hours before... that is until I looked in the mirror! my eyes had swelled like golf balls! and my ear lobes were HUGE! I looked so puffy it was unreal! I thought it would surely go down... but nope at 5am I went into the bathroom again only to see what looked like the Michelin tire man staring back at me! my face was ginormous! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.. I just stared at myself! this is unreal! it must improve though.. right?? everything else... other than my giant marshmallow face began to return to its normal state my temp was finally below 102 ... which feels way better than 104... and the shivering and intense pain had stopped.
I spent a good 20 minutes the next morning talking to a pharmacist to find out that I most likely have a severe allergy to Percocet (oxycodone). so severe that my body was trying to shut down because it didn't know what else to do! lucky me!
well long story short it took a good few days (3.5 to be exact) for all of the swelling to go down and now I am back to my good ol post pregnancy self! I can totally handle the regular post pregnancy pains and discomforts on my own thank you very much! I will pass in the pain meds from here on out! haha good thing our littles are so dang cute because ay carumba they sure make your body work!

Fair warning.. I obviously wasn't in the picture taking mood since I looked like the Michilan Tire Man's fat twin sister.. but we did take one in case the Doc needed to see... ya ... this was before It got even more swollen... lucky me! 
When the swelling started... its a beauty aint it.... NOT!!! 

After the swelling started to go away.... notice my elephant sized ear lobes! What the?!?!? Apparently my organs where inflamed too.. that is what was causing my insane temperatures. I know be jealous! 

Sailor Mae -a birth story

where to even begin... due to my previous pregnancy and quick labor with Keller we knew things would most likely move pretty quickly with baby girls arrival so at 37 weeks the doc said it would be best to stay close to home in case labor hit... so at 37 weeks I began working from home, waiting and wondering when little miss would decide it was her time to arrive. and since I had been having TONS of contractions we all thought it would be soon... well long story short.. we were wrong! SO at my 38 week appt (which was on a Tuesday) the doc asked if I was against being induced... well I wasn't against it but I was really hoping to go into labor on my own... but knowing that my doc was going out of town an knowing that my labor had a good chance at being fairly quick- we decided to set my induction date for that Thursday (since Thursday marked my 39 weeks) ... Tuesday night we thought we would go out on last time as a family of three and maybe even coax baby girl out but nope she was stubborn! but our dinner was sure entertaining... more on that later!
well as Thursday approached, we were told to call between 6 and 630 to see what time they wanted us to come into the hospital so at 0613 I called in and they asked if we could be there by 7- AHH!!! the panic set in... did I really want to go in knowing that I was asking them to put me in pain? was baby girl ready to be here? was I ready? the excitement and panic flooded my mind and body as I ran upstairs to wake Kurt up because we had to leave like ASAP to get to the hospital in time! Kurt and I were shocked and nervous but very very excited! I ran to get Keller ready as Kurt got ready (3 different times!! yes he was nervous to meet his baby girl!) we threw all the bags in the car and headed to Grandmas house! Kurt's parents were taking Keller while we were in the hospital- Keller was more than excited to hang out with grandma all day!
as Kurt and I drove the remainder of the way to the hospital our nerves were all over the place! "We got this" we joked as we walked in trying to make each other laugh while trying to calm our own nerves at the same time! they checked us in just after 0730 and reality hit! we are going to have another baby sometime today!! we are officially going to have two kids!!
my doctor broke my water before heading back to his office- they estimated baby girl would be here around two... little did we know- she had other plans!
I got the epidural around  0815 before they started any labor inducing  meds because my plan was to be able to feel everything but not be in agony while doing so- in hopes that by the time labor hit the epidural would have worn off a bit- seriously best plan ever!!! (I wish I had the guts to go totally a natural- but NOPE I wimped out!) well the epidural was in and working wonders.. I couldn't feel anything!! so just before 10 they came in to do the pitocin to induce labor... this is nothing I thought! well they continued to monitor my contractions and boy could I feel them- I was super happy I had received the epidural because Yikes!! I called the nurse in because I thought something must be wrong I was suddenly in tremendous pain! I asked her to check me and she laughed... BOOM my labor started just before 11AM ... she was shocked- I was ready to push! she quickly sent dr Hansen a text and he arrived almost immediately! I wanted to push the pain button and they laughed- "I wouldn't push it because she will be out before it even kicks in!" ohh gosh I thought- I can do this right?!? I looked at Kurt and he have me a big kiss and an even bigger smile! "You can do this babe- our little girl will be here so soon!"
and then KABOOM it was time to push and push and push... they told me that they could see her dark hair and I laughed and cried and then went very lightheaded. my blood pressure dropped drastically and I threw up- I hate throwing up!! Kurt held the oxygen for me just in case- they told me to take a big breath and push once more and then they told me her head was out! WHAT I didn't even feel it! the last push was a breeze because I was so excited to meet my baby girl! How on earth did it happen so fast!!? my doctor laughed- "good thing we induced you or else this little one would've been born before you got to the hospital" SOOO NOT funny- but so true! Thank goodness we were there because at 11:26 we welcomed our brand new baby girl into the family! Other than 2 scary minutes of puking labor was quick and perfect!
Welcome to the world baby girl! We couldn't be happier! You are absolutely perfect in every way!!!
now for a little bit of miss Sailor's story, in pictures.......

Introducing little miss Sailor Mae! Born July 17th @11:26 AM ~ 7 pounds 5 ounces ~ 20 inches

holding baby Sailor for the very first time!! Totally in love!

my perfect little princess and I

Kurt holding his baby girl for the very first time! He is the greatest husband and father! and this little miss already has him wrapped around her tiny little finger!

30 minutes after delivery and we couldn't be happier to have this little angel in our arms!

Oh hey everyone!!! Am I cute or what?!?!? 

And then there were 4!!! First family photo with all 4 of us! Keller wasn't too sure about this whole baby thing at first... luckily that all changed once we got home!!

Keller opening a present from his baby sis!

FIRST BATH.... the hair washing was her favorite part... the rest.. not so much!

daddy and his baby girl!

look at all that hair in the back!!! 

officially one day old! (20 hours... waiting for the okay to go home!)

going home!!! 26 hours old!!!

is that not THE cutest picture ever... this daddy is 100% smitten by his baby girl! I am one lucky mamma!

day three and this little boy LOVES his baby sister more than words!

I cant wait to see the relationship between these two develop! The adventures they will go on will be priceless!

okay and here are a few pics I attempted to take at home with our new camera...