Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sailor's FIRST birthday shenanigans!!!

Early morning birthday boating was a huge hit! These two little fish could be in the water all day everyday!They were in heaven and wore themselves right out!

The cake experiment! Okay so I was way excited to make her cake... like WAY WAY WAY excited... and it was going to be perfect! Well, lets just say I wont show you the picture of the cake I was trying to make, because it looks nothing like it! But me and the kiddos had fun making and decorating them together, and thats all that matters... okay well, that and the taste! haha and luckily for us, the cake was tastey! 

Sailor's personal little cake- and the larger party cake! Can I just say that I have a love hate relationship with fondant! It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but it was such a fun and entertaining process with both kiddos! Keller kept putting toothpicks in the cake (after it was totally decorated) telling me, "mom, I checked it, its done cooking!" and after opening the fridge to see roughly 20 toothpicks sticking out of the cake, I couldn't stop laughing... what can I say, I have very helpful little assistants! 

Party changes... okay- so the plan was to have the party outside! Outside with a bunch of little kiddos is less stress, less mess, and just plain fun! Well, the weather had other plans.... we got everything set up, and then the wind tore it all down... and then it started raining... soooo... inside we went! But we got a few pictures! 
Our last minute party changes were a bit crazy and hectic but we were able to pull it off right before the party started! yay! yay! yay! Here are a few pictures of our fun little minnie mouse clubhouse!

Our little Minnie Mouse was worn out after a morning of boating and last minute party changes! Everyone needs a birthday nap snuggled up on their daddy!

She was a little confused when she woke up to a house full of people! but she was a darling little birthday gal, none the less!


The Cake Smash... okay so this didn't turn out as I had hoped... first off, note for future cake smashers... if you want an adorable messy cake.. DON'T use fondant! It keeps it fairly clean... which since, we ended up being stuck in side, I guess was a good thing! I was a little sad when we had to move inside, that I wouldn't get the cute backdrop and pics that I wanted outside- BUT I think it still turned out cute, and best of all, Sailor loved it! 

Keller was very concerned that Sailor wasn't digging in, and tried his hardest to push her little face into it, by pulling on her poor little ear, she... poor girl! ...she is one tough little cookie! 

Keller brought her a spoon... obviously you cant eat cake with your hands... 

"DONE!" haha she needed her spoon before she could continue... 

The morning after... these little party animals have been in heaven all morning playing with all of Sailors new toys! 

Happy Birthday little Sailor girl! I cannot believe it has already been one whole year! It has been a crazy perfect year! You are such a little angel! You have spunk and sass but you are the sweetest little princess also! You love everyone- but are still a mommy's girl through and through! You love your big brother more than anything else and even though you both give each other guff non stop, you two are the best little friends and are inseparable! You love doggies and truly anything furry... even hairy men! hahaha you are fascinated by beards! You love giving hugs and kisses! and you love your little minnie mouse! Happy birthday little sweetheart! I cannot wait for the future adventures to come!