Thursday, April 9, 2015

Don’t grow up to fast little angels!

Don’t grow up to fast little angels!

Today I caught you singing ever so sweetly to Sailor, her eyes were as bright as could be as she clapped in excitement. You were singing “I am a child of god” and every few words you would leave a blank and wait for Sailor to fill it in, just like I do with you. I tried not to laugh at how funny and adorable it was all at the same time. You would watch her with the biggest smile and when she would squeak and yell along, you grinned and nodded your head in approval, as if to say- good job! It was adorable!
Today I watched you as you tried to explain something to Sailor, you were half kneeling down on one knee, one hand on your knee and the other on her back- you were teaching her- loving her- and being the perfect big brother to your baby sister.
Today, you tried to carry… or umm… drag her away from your trains, but then you graciously brought her a whole bucket of other toys to use, including your “baby” Thomas and Percy trains.
Today you sweetly talked to Sailor, saying “hi princess peach, you are getting so big like Wellwer… mom I’m getting so big too like dad, huh!”
And just like that I melted!
I asked if you could stay little forever and you told me “Prolaly not, I jus getting big like dad.” And you hugged me and gave me a big slobbery kiss, Sailor too then gave me a big slobbery open mouth headbutting kiss. And with that, I sat on the floor in my bedroom and snuggled you both for as long as time would allow!
In that minute, I soaked it all in. The slobbery boogery kisses, that sometimes make me wince! The little headbutting kisses that sometimes really hurt! I soaked up every little snuggle I possibly could until you quickly turned back to playing… with Sailor in hot pursuit!
How on earth did my babies grow this quickly? My heart melts every time I see you two playing together, every time I see the looks that you both seem to understand so well from one another. Every time I see you both sitting there in your own little worlds- learning, thinking, growing,; my heart melts. I am so blessed! I know that you two little love bugs were sent here to me for a reason- I know that you two make me a better person every day and I only hope and pray that I am the mommy that heavenly father needs me to be- To love you, to teach you, to hold you, to play with you- to be all that I can be and more!
You two and your daddy of course, are the greatest blessing I could have ever imagined! I am so proud of you both!
Keller, you are growing up so fast! You have learned so many things lately! You love to play hockey with your daddy every night in the basement! I am not even kidding when I say every night…. Apparently it is your favorite, self-inflicted part of your bedtime routine! You insist on rollerblading downstairs to postpone bedtime as long as possible, and you are so good at it! You can even rollerblade backwards! Which you proudly tell me “my daddy taught me that!” You love puzzles and are amazing at putting them together! You still ask on almost a daily basis when we can go on the boat... as soon as there is no snow little buddy... in fact, I think we are headed out on it tomorrow for the first family boating trip of the year.... (april 10th... it will be freezing, I am sure!) You LOVE your Thomas trains and train tracks… you play with them at least 10 times a day- if you could watch Thomas movies all day long, you would! You love to visit the dinosaurs at Thanksgiving Point and Ride the ‘horseies’ all by yourself! You are getting so big!! We try to take you ice skating once a week, and you love it- even though you started to get way nervous. You like to hold mommy and daddy’s hands while ice skating, but you are a pro! At only 2 years old you are already so talented and smart! I honestly get a little worried at times- I am not quite sure how I will keep up with you, but I will do my best!! You are learning so much every day, you love to talk… all. The. Time! We have had to have a lot of little talks lately about words that you shouldn’t say… mostly the word Stupid…. You can blame daddy and I on that one- I never realized how many silly words you get use to saying until your child turns into a little parrot! You also learned when your birthday is! You proudly tell everyone “ my birthday is October 21st!” you can now successfully hold up 2 fingers without any accidental hand gestures when you are asked how old you are, and you learned your whole name! I LOVE  our daily dance parties and singing! Your favorite songs as of lately have included…
·      “Sugar”- Maroon 5
·      “Up Town Funk”- Bruno Mars (as you can imagine a 2 year old running around singing “HOT DANG.. FUNK YOU UP.. HOT DANG..” hasn’t gone all that smoothly.. we are trying to ween you off of this one! Haha)
·      “All about that Bass”- Megan trainer
·      “Roar”- Katy Perry
·      “Summer”- frozen
·      “Let it go”- Frozen
·      “Happy” – phareel Williams
·      “You’ll be in my heart”- tarzan
·      “Wheels on the bus”
·      “I love to see the temple”
·      “I am a child of God”
·      “Shake it off”- taylor swift
·      “Thomas the train theme song”
·      Etc… etc.. .etc…
Obviously we sing A LOT in our house… I am not exaggerating when I say that we sing these songs at least 5 times a day EACH! Annnd.. .you know all the words! Hahaha You my little buddy, are just plain AWESOME!! And I love you forever!!!

And little miss Sailor Mae! Who told you that you could grow up so fast?!? I most definitely gave no such permission! You are so darling I cant even handle it! You have been sleeping like a champ for the past month or two! You go to bed around 830 and you sleep till around 6… have I mentioned that I love you for this!! You are growing so quickly and learning so much, so fast!!
You love to try and do everything that Keller does! You love our weekly ice skating trips.. we race around the ice with you in our arms or in the baby carrier and you squeal and giggle in excitement! In fact, you cry if we try to take a break! Haha I am quite certain that you will be a little ice skater! You love to be on the move CONSTANTLY! You crawl everywhere, stand up on everything, and you can even walk … heck you can nearly run IF you have your baby walker! You little missy, are unstoppable! You love to say “da- da” all day – I think you are becoming more and more a daddy’s girl every day! You yell “ma ma” when you need snuggles, when Keller is teasing you, if you’re tired, and on the rare occasion you sometimes say it just for me… but usually it is “da da” all day! Amongst your other gibber jabber… which is a constant adorable music to my ears! You LOVE LOVE LOVE taking showers and baths... if someone is in the shower without you, you make sure they know that you are not pleased! You like to be involved in everything and I love it! You clap for your brother and your mommy and daddy non stop with the biggest and most adorable little grins I ever did see! You also have the funniest face expressions, I ever did see!  You still love to eat anything and everything! You are a good little eater- and we can hardly keep up with you! Your eyes are still a beautiful shade of blue, and they melt me with your sassy and sweet little grins! You are still a mommies girl if ever we are in public! You love to snuggle- and I hope that never ends!! Your first little tooth just popped through last week- and your second little tooth just started showing yesterday! You are growing up far too quickly!

You are both my little angels, whom I love and adore galore! Thank you for being so wonderful and thank you both for making me your mommy! I love you little angels more than words could ever begin to describe!  I feel guilty on a daily basis when I am at work, rather than being at home with you- but I hope you will always know that it is because I love you and I want so much for you both! You are my little priceless treasures and I will love you forever!! Just, Please don’t grow up too fast, okay!
I love you forever! I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my babies you’ll be!


Monday, April 6, 2015


Sailor found her very first egg! She was so so so very excited!!

Keller was so excited to find all of the eggs! Sailor was just so excited that there was goodies everywhere! haha so much stuff to put in her mouth!!

Kell loved finding his basket! He is at such a fun age- Am I a lucky mamma or what?!?

Keller's entertainment during conference meant a lot a lot of trains!!

Easter Pics... and yes, they are just of Sailor- Keller told me "nope nope nope- no takin my picture mom...." BOO! haha next time little buddy, next time!

Easter Fun with the Thomas Fam!!!

Easter with the Wuthrichs!

A little glimpse into our pre-Easter activities! Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!

Petting the Easter Bunny!