Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Better Than Perfect

I know they say you should sleep when your baby sleeps but I can't help but to smile and pause in gratitude when I get out of the shower and find my sweet baby boy and husband all snuggled in bed fast asleep meanwhile the movie they started plays in the background... Yet from all their exhaustion they only watched about 10 minutes. I smile when I go to put Keller in his bassinet and they both snuggle closer together as if to subconsciously tell me they are comfortable and don't want to be budged at all. I smile knowing how much this daddy loves his little boy and how much he misses him everyday! I smile knowing that this daddy is my incredible husband, a man who works hard to support our little family all day and then comes home wanting so badly to snuggle but has endless hours of studying and schoolwork. However even with his heavy workload he still manages to find time for me and Keller! He still spoils us with hugs and kisses! He shows us unconditional love he sacrifices his time, money, and even sleep! He doesn't hesitate to wake up and snuggle for those late nights. Even though he can't "feed" the baby he wakes up with us anyways just to snuggle and talk. He changes diapers even though it's not his “favorite” thing! He cleans up spit up and tells great stories of skiing and future adventures! He is my husband, my best friend, and my eternal companion! Even though we are still adjusting and are exhausted more often than not, we are happier than ever! I love my sweetheart more now then I could have ever imagined! I can't believe how blessed I am to have my boys! I love my little Keller bug and kurt more than anything! I smile as I walk in and see them snuggling and with everything running through my mind, I know that I have it all! I smile not because life is perfect but because it is a life of happiness a life of learning a life of fun a life of love and most of all a life I get to live, love, and enjoy as we try our best to be perfect... Knowing its nearly impossible but loving the journey. Besides I think this is far better than perfection... Exhaustion and all... This life is my own perfect little heaven on earth!!

Keller's Blessing day!!

We blessed our little Keller bug yesterday! December 2, 2012. 6 weeks old to the day and perfect as can be! It was an absolutely perfect day!!

The anticipation for this day was unreal.. I think Kurt teased me all week as I decorated for Christmas trying to get the house ready as well as searching everywhere for the perfect little blessing outfit for Keller! I wanted to get him a perfect little outfit that would be special but since I am cheap I also didn’t want to spend 50 bucks on an outfit he would only wear once.. so… after looking at numerous stores I finally put together exactly what I was looking for! I ended up getting it from Janie and Jack, and can I just say… one day I hope to be rich just so I can buy my kiddos all the cute little outfits they sell.. Their outfits are all to die for! Soo cute!! Well when I first started shopping I got very nervous because the onsie alone was 32 bucks… um really there is no way I could spend that on just a onsie.. but thank goodness for holiday sales! Woot! Woot! I ended up getting his entire outfit (onsie, pants, hat, & tie) all for a lovely $36.97- Can I tell you how much I love clearance racks! And the best part is he can totally wear it all again.. well until he grows more! Which seems to be happening a lot quicker than I would like… my baby is going to be a toddler in no time if he doesn’t slow down! Well he was dressed to impress! He looked so handsome in his little button up shirt, and suspenders! Complete with the cutest little hat… and the hat without the bowtie he looked just like a newsie! I couldn’t help it, he looked absolutely adorable and handsome in every way!!! He also had a beautiful blessing blanket that some of our family friends made for us! I love it and I will save it forever!! I think it is one we will use for all of our kiddos! It was truly humbling to wrap our sweet baby in a blanket made with so much love and kindness and we felt truly blessed to be able to use it on such a beautiful occasion as Kurt was able to give our little guy a name and a blessing.   

The morning went on without any problem and for once… we were early for church! Phew!!! It was such a great feeling to walk into the chapel and already see so many family and friends there to show their love. We are truly blessed! Right when we walked in and I saw all the familiar faces I felt nervous… not the bad kind but I was just so full of emotion suddenly I felt as though I was going to burst! As it was time for the blessing and Kurt stood with Keller I was full of so much emotion I automatically started tearing up and it only got worse as I watched our dads, grandpas, uncles, and friends. It was so amazing to see so many worthy priesthood holders and know that my sweet baby boy has so many incredible examples. Kurt was able to give our little Keller Booth Thomas his name as well as the most beautiful blessing which will stay forever in my heart! I wish so badly I could have recorded it in some way, the spirit was so strong and it was honestly such a beautiful and perfect experience. I never imagined the way that I would feel, there was something about hearing your own baby blessed that words cannot describe! I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to be sealed for time and eternity to a worthy priesthood holder and be a mommy to the cutest little boy that there ever was! My heavenly father has blessed me with the most incredible family, I have been blessed far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of!
As sacrament continued, the spirit grew and seemed to eat me away as I listened to each testimony and I knew I had to say something. As I stood to bear my testimony, I immediately was overcome with emotion. My love for my heavenly father and savior became so overpowering I felt as though I was going to wiggle the podium right off the stand from shaking so badly. When I finished my testimony I only hope people could understand my words through my sobs, I went to sit with my incredible family. As I sat back down after staring across the entire congregation which was packed of family and friends I felt so blessed and so overwhelmed with love. I will never understand what I did to deserve so many blessings but I am without a doubt so incredibly grateful!

After the blessing we all headed home and well to be honest I think if we would have squished one more person in our house it would have burst at the seams.. we had 70+ in our home at once! but I loved it! We had so many come out to show there love and support! The turnout was truly amazing… I honestly don’t even know how we fit everyone in our little house but  It was so great to have so many family and friends come to support our little Keller! Even though our little man seemed to sleep through his entire celebration I know he loved all the snuggles and love from everyone that was there in spirit and in person!

And then by the end of the day we were all ready for bed! Well at least me and kurt were! Haha once everyone left Keller was wide awake and ready to play! It was hilarious so we ended up snuggling and playing with our little angel till about midnight when he decided to finally fall asleep for a few hours! Needless to say it was a very long night… but it was a perfect day so it all equaled out to be great! We love our little mister so much and I am so in love with both of my boys! I can’t imagine a day without either of them!

Introducing our little Keller Booth Thomas

It has been far too long since I last posted and I know for sure that I am quite possibly the worst blogger ever but what can I say, I have been a little pre-occupied with something far better than blogging could ever be.. and that is this little man!

And.. that I have also decided is why I must blog! I want to always remember the little things! The smiles and coos, the long nights and dirty diapers, the hugs and kisses, and much much more! Life as I know it is a never ending whirlwind of adventure. It has been amazing on levels that I never would have imagined possible, and yet here I am… sitting at a computer, dark circles under my eyes, a huge smile on my face, all while snuggling a beautiful 6 week old little boy who just wants to snuggle in his moms arms instead of sleeping in his crib… and well to be honest, that is how I like it!
Well to start from the beginning, 6 weeks ago on Sunday the 21st of October Kurt and I woke up after waiting and hearing that our little man could arrive “any day”… well after hearing that for 4 weeks and seeing nothing, this October morning seemed no different… that is until after sacrament meeting. During sacrament I was uncomfortable… nothing too extreme but I just couldn’t seem to sit still so we headed home and after awhile I fell fast asleep!   I woke up an hour later with that same discomfort.. I jokingly turned to kurt and said “ha wouldn’t that be awesome if this was labor! It doesn’t even hurt!” well I spoke too soon.. While laying down I had a sudden stomach pain and thought I had  to go to the bathroom… TMI, I know.. sorry! But no luck, I was suddenly very uncomfortable. Well after this pain went on for a few minutes Kurt decided to time them and said that they were probably contractions… I told him there was no way and then decided to try and paint my nails while sitting there stuck in the bathroom, haha oh I didn’t have any luck with that because that is when the pain got unbearable.. to the point I didn’t think I could get off the toilet. Kurt timed them again and they were less than 3 minutes apart! Whoops.. I should have listened to my sweet and smart hubby sooner because When the contractions came, they came with a vengeance! Haha Well our adventure began and we headed to the hospital… I feel bad for every car we passed because I know for a fact that I looked like death as I was withering in pain in the front seat! We arrived at Riverton hospital just after 6pm and once at the hospital they took us right back , checked  me and let me know that I was only at a 4.. which didn’t sound too exciting to me since I was at a 3 for weeks! And then they told me that since it was our first, I would probably be in labor for a good 12-16 hours, which sounded like the death of me.   
They through in an IV that helped a little with the pain but I was still feeling the contractions like crazy so the nurse came back in after only 10 minutes and checked again.. and to our surprise and excitement, I was already at an 8! EEK!! They quickly called the anesthesiologist to get me an epidural and called the doc because I was ready to push! After I was relaxed and the doctor arrived I was good and ready to go! I started pushing around 730pm and our little man arrived at 953pm…. I will spare you all the details about me and pushing but I am happy to say it was a truly incredible experience and nothing like the movies... if anything I was laughing and unsure if I was doing it right... that is only because of the epidural they gave me before and once I was given the epidural it was pain free ... amazing!!! but truthfully I do not know how people do it natuarlly... that was always my plan, until I actually felt the pain and then I was begging for the drugs right as we walked in the hospital doors! they were AMAZING!!!
However the most amazing part of all was our little baby! Seeing Dr. Hansen lift up our sweet baby boy and laying him on my chest was the most incredible experience in the world. Words cannot describe the feelings that were in the room nor the happiness for that matter! Everything else at that very second seemed to fade away. It was just me, my eternal sweetheart, and our perfect baby boy. It is so funny because almost instantly it seemed that the 3 of us had always been and just fit so perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better pregnancy or outcome! That night Kurt and I stayed wide awake just in awe at the thought that we were now officially parents! The three of us all squished together on the hospital bed and in no better way to describe it… just soaked it all in! Snuggling, smiling, and just loving every minute! It was truly a dream come true.

Now fast forward 6 weeks and here we are… I never imagined that I would have such a perfect little blonde haired blued eyed child! But I love every bit of him! I wish I could record his every movement, every sound, and every perfect little adorable face expression! I can’t believe how quickly he has already seemed to grow and how fast he is changing! It is absolutely terrifying to think that my baby will one day grow up! I have no doubt that my love for him will just continue to grow but I in this moment want nothing more than to remember every little stage and grin! I love my little angel and cant imagine a day without him!



Sunday, September 23, 2012

36 weeks and counting!!

Okay so first and foremost I must say it is somewhat  um... no... REALLY pathetic that In the beginning my goal was to write at least one post a week to keep a type of journal to look back on in years to come with everything we have had going on.... well... how should I say this.... I totally failed! haha Rather than succeeding at a post a week, I have barely written a post a month! Hum, room for improvement?!? I think so!! Well, Since this month is almost over I thought I should at least stick to my guns on this one and get at least one post done this month so here it goes...
Um okay who ever thought that 9 months would go by so flippin fast!! I know I say that far too often, but seriously!! We are now officially at 36 weeks and this little man is running out of room! haha it is not always comfortable with his little knees tickling my rib cage and the many late night trips to the bathroom but is it weird I don't want it to end! I love this little man more than I could ever imagine and I cant wait to meet him but at the same time life just seems so perfect right now that I don't see how it could be better so it worries me a little :) Don't get me wrong though... It is perfect because of this little guy and I know it will be incredible with him here, It just still seems too good to be true! 99.9% of the time I still feel like I am living a fairy tale and I will wake up and all will be gone... I fully expect to wake up some mornings at my parents, going to school at the U, and being so busy with work that life itself just seems to sneak by. Luckily for me it is the total opposite though! Every morning I get to wake up to the most incredible man ever, whom I love to pieces and couldn't live a day without! It is so incredible to have such an amazing best friend who is stuck with you for eternity! Literally!!! Am I the luckiest girl ever or what?!?  After waking up to this good looking fella I look down at my ginormous belly and cant believe that in about 4 weeks I will get to wake up/ stay up with 2 good looking fellas! haha my sweet hubby and our incredible baby boy! I laugh just feeling him wiggle around and then Kurt laughs when I wince in pain but yet am still laughing....which believe me makes the time so much better and I wouldn't change a thing... but laughing surely does not help when your ribs are killing you! yet pain and all, life is perfect! Who would have thought that you can go through 9 months of crying, mood swings, exhaustion, weight gain, cravings, etc... and still be happier than you could ever imagine! Luckily for me, this pregnancy hasn't been bad at all... or at least not compared to what I hear from others. We have had a few undesirable times, but I definitely wouldn't change a thing! I think the reward of this little guy will make it all totally worth it!
Today we were able to attend the Brigham City Temple dedication broadcast with my wonderful in laws and the entire time I couldn't help but to think of how truly lucky and blessed I am! It was such a beautiful dedication and the spirit was absolutely incredible! Perhaps it is a bad thing, but I must admit that I did get super distracted... not in a bad way.. but the entire time as I sat next to my eternal sweetheart and felt our little baby kick and wiggle non stop I couldn't help but to think of how amazing eternity will be! I am going to have these incredible individuals with me for eternity!!! FOR-EV-ER!!! I am so incredibly blessed to know that families are forever! I could not be more happy to know that no matter what, I have the opportunity to be with all those that I love forever! Isn't that amazing!!! And yes, I feel a little guilty that during some of the talks this is what was going through my mind, but seriously... the church is amazing!!! If only I could share with others what I was able to feel today, I think that everyone would totally agree, life truly is a plan of happiness!! It was so neat to feel that spirit of the temple and not only share it with my sweetheart, but also with my baby boy! I am so blessed to have them both in my life! I cannot wait for the amazing opportunities that this new crazy world of motherhood will bring and I can only hope that I can be half as good as those that I am able to look up to and learn from. It is so crazy to go through life sometimes and see how much you truly are affected by those around you! lately I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude and love for all of those around us! We truly have been blessed with the greatest family and friends you could ever imagine! We have been amazed at all the love and support we have received in celebrating our baby boys arrival! We have had so many sacrifice so much, and words cannot begin to express my gratitude! This little guy is lucky to have each and everyone of you in his life! I know I am super slow and terrible at sending out thank you cards for all that have supported us with baby showers and life in general, but trust me, we are so grateful! and I promise that your thank you cards are in the works and I am hoping to mail them out soon... hopefully before the baby comes!!
Oh and please forgive my boring post with no pictures! We went boating a few weeks ago and broke the camera :( so we are now camera-less until we get a new one... (hopefully this week!!) no worries though we will totally be purchasing one before this baby comes, and we will have tons of pictures! I promise!!!
Alright well, that pretty much sums um my thoughts for now... which doesn't say too much I know! But at least I got a post in before the month was up right?!? Its a work in progress! See you all next week... haha okay lets be honest... see you all next month! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Shmog! Baby Update!!! :)

Oh my goodness gracious! I cannot believe how quickly time seems to fly by lately!!! I know I say that far too much but seriously, where has this summer gone? I cannot believe that we are almost 32 weeks pregnant and still have so much to do! I constantly have hundreds of thoughts and ideas running through my mind with absolutly no time to do them! Really though, I think I have sat and started at least 3 seperate blog posts and never even finished the first paragragh to any of them! Lets just say that it is probably a good thing I am not taking any classes right now ;) Yet even amoungst all this insanity, I have never been more happy.. excited.. and well exhausted! haha I cannot believe it is almost September! Our little guy will be here before we know it! EEK!!! I am so excited to meet this little mister and snuggle him at all hours! I cannot believe how much our lives have already changed and how much this little man seems to continually be working on both me and his daddy to be better! haha this kiddo has some high hopes! He is in for quite the treat :) Even though this new world is so unkown and even scary, I could not be happier to be experiencing it all with Kurt! He is going to be such a cute little daddy! I cannot wait to see him cradle our little boy in his arms as he sees him for the first time in the hospital! I cannot wait to see the smile on his face when we hear our baby's first cry!  There is just so much I am looking forward to and I know that I wouldnt want it any other way! I love these little moments that Kurt and I have been able to have getting ready and relaxing, just the two of us! It has been so unreal to think that in just a few more weeks two will turn to three! It is amazing to me at how much this little boy already loves his daddy! I have to laugh when others rub my stomach or try to get him to kick and he rolls up in a ball and refuses to budge! Yet, once he hears his daddy's voice the kid goes nuts!!! It is hilarious! He will kick the whole time Kurt talks and he even moves to whatever side Kurt is on, I absolutly love it!!! He defintately loves his daddy!

As each week goes by and this little man keeps growing I have to laugh!!! I turned to kurt the other night and jokingly asked if he ever pictured me this "big" he smiled politely and then that smile turned into a huge grin as he said "no way!" haha I laughed so hard, somewhat surprised at his honesty! He then quickly added, that it isnt a bad thing because its a baby, this made it even funnier! Oh how I love my husband!!! But lets be honest... how much can one little 5 foot 2 inch girl stretch? I am slightly worried that our little man wont be so much a baby but more of a small hulk! haha He definately takes after his daddy! It never fails to make me smile though as I try and do my normal "every day tasks" that are now seemingly impossible at times! For instance... getting dressed! Who ever thought that it would be such a work out!!! After getting ready each morning, I feel like I deserve a nap! haha :) To be totally honest, I am not sure how people do it, Not pregnancy.. because lets be honest, I love this little guy inside of me and so far we have had it pretty good :) I think the hardest part is the continually growing! It is crazy at how much a few extra pounds easily weears you down! Sheesh!!! Every morning is an adventure that is for sure... We now have to play the dress up game! I put on a shirt and cross my fingers... the trick is to see if it actually covers my belly! haha This little guy decided to double in size in less than 4 weeks....

this picture was at 27 weeks...

this picture was at 30.5 weeks.... see the diffrence?!? My poor swimsuit has met its max, LITERALLY!!! I was worried I was going to have to have it cut off, because when it was wet it was nearly impossible to remove!!!!

But regardless of how big I get, I welcome it with open arms if it means I get a healthy cute little baby in the end :) And luckily for me I only have about a month left to grow and wait! haha **The true test will be to see how much I have actually gained this pregnancy when we go to the doc tomorrow :) I am soooo excited!!!

Well, to add to our excitment and anticipation of this little boy, we had our first baby shower!! We were able to get away for the weekend, so we headed out to Vegas to visit my moms side of the family! It was so fun to go and see everyone, I literally hadnt seen most of them in over 8 years! It was such a fun experience and we cant wait to go back!!! However, next time we drive 7+ hours in the car in over 104 degree weather, I plan on not being 31 weeks pregnant :) Here is a little sneak peak at all the fun we had!

 Kurt and I stopped at the wakeboard park in St. George on our way sown... needless to say, Kurt LOVED it!!! We cant wait to go back!
It was so much fun playing in the pool all day! Kurt kept the kids very entertained by having trick contests! haha Here are a few of them doing a cool jumping pic into the pool :)

Me and my amazing family!!! Mom and three of the four of her girls... lexi loo is serving in the london england mission!!! We are so proud of her and all she is doing! We miss you lexi loo!!!!

Veronica, Mya, Nat, Me, Mom, and Anthony

haha sooo excited for our baby boy!!

Mom and her siblings with Grandma "V"

Us kiddos and Grandma!!

And last but not least me and my handsome hubby!!! Yes I know I look like I could swallow him whole!!! As you can tell, we spent half of our time in the pool!!! This little baby is going to love the water!!

Well friends, That is all for now... I will apoligize now that what you just read had about a bajillion spelling and punctuation errors and heck it may not have even made sense.. but ask me how I feel?!?!? hahaha SOOOO accomplished! hahaha I finally finished a full blog post! Errors and all :) Hopefully our little mister arrives, I will be able to write better posts that perhaps make a little more sense, but until then I will take what I can get and write jibberish to my little hearts content! :)
Well friends I hope you have enjoyed my half crazy entry, I hope to write again soon.... but as for now, I am off to bed!!! Sweet dreams! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sneak peaks of perfection!

You know those moments that seem so perfect in life you don’t even want to blink because you don’t want it to end... those small little sneek peaks of that picture perfect life...Well, I am so happy to say that, that is exactly how I have felt for the past few weeks… sure there have been some little rough patches here and there along the way, but it is precisely because of those little trials that I have grown to love and absolutely adore everything else. It is so funny that as we draw closer and closer to our due date I am so excited, terrified, and in a weird little way sad. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to welcome this sweet little blessing into our family, but I am sad that every little moment during this pregnancy that has been between me and my little mister will end. Haha I know I sound like a total nerd in saying this but in all reality I treasure these little moments more than anything! I love walking up to him kick every morning and watching my belly poke out in every way imaginable from his little acrobatics inside. I love feeling him throughout the entire day just knowing he is right there hangin out with his mommy! And I love going to bed each night with my 2 besties! My incredible hubby and our baby boy! I know it sounds silly since the poor kiddo doesn’t have much of a say in the matter and he is stuck with me but I love it! I love knowing that for this short little time he is all mine! I love it when Kurt and I talk to him and he starts wiggling around like crazy! I love that everyday he is getting bigger and  growing stronger! And I love that right now I am his everything, don’t get me wrong… this terrifies me too! I never thought that I would be the overprotective crazy mom but turns out I was all wrong! He isn’t even here yet and  I  worry about him constantly! (Now I feel bad for all the years of worry I put my own parents through! Haha) I am nervous for the day he is born knowing that from there he will get bigger and bigger every day! Knowing that there is a crazy world that we are responsible to protect him from.. and is it mean to say I am nervous to share him! Hahaha Not that I don’t want this sweet baby to loved and spoiled by all, but I am well…. Nervous and perhaps a wee bit shellfish too! Haha I just don’t want him to grow up too fast! It is funny how it all works. I have decided that heavenly father sure knows how to give a gift J He waits for the perfect moment that he knows is right and blesses you with the idea of an eternal family… and then he makes you wait 9 months going through every emotion whether it be from trials, pains, happiness, or even a bit of everything mixed together! And then just when you think you have had enough,  when that last minute arrives… TaDaa! You get the greatest little present and then as a thank you, you turn to your father in heaven in prayer with gratitude and oh so many questions!!!!  I know it sounds silly but I am being totally serious! I don’t think anyone can top that!! It truly is amazing and to be honest it is still so unreal to me!  I sure love this little man and feel so blessed that heavenly father has trusted me to be a mommy! It is absolutely thrilling and terrifying, but I cannot wait!  I love those tender little moments that we are blessed with throughout each and every day to remind us how amazing life truly is and how blessed we truly are …even though we (I) often times take everything for granted. I am so so so blessed to have such an amazing husband whom I cant wait to share this thrilling adventure with! I love that kurt already has trips and plans in mind for our new adventures together as a family of three, he is going to be the cutest daddy!  I don’t mean to get all mushy but lets face it, I am ragging with all sorts of exciting pregnancy hormones so the emotions just seem to flow at times! Haha but in all reality, I am so grateful for such incredible family and friends and I feel terrible because I know I do not say thank you enough! I hope everyone knows how much I truly love and appreciate them and I am so excited to share this adventure with you all! Thank you for being such amazing examples to me and my little family! We couldn’t be luckier than we are now! Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

Okay so lets be honest… I am no bueno at this blogging thing! It has been 4 months and I haven’t written a single word so…… Here is a little bit of what has been happening in our world the past 4 months, sit back because this is going to be a major info overload.
March: What a month! March is always a fun month in the Thomas house but this year was a little more exciting than usual!  You’ve heard the saying go big or go home right? Well, we decided to take that saying to a whole new level! The last few weeks of February were somewhat of a blur with our ski season coming to an end and our big plans for the upcoming month…. little did I know that life as we knew it was changing for us more than we could have imagined! We had recently found out that the offer we had on a house was accepted! What could be better than that, right?!?!? A new home of our very own?!?! What could be more exciting! Well, as March soon approached us, it was time to meet and fill out the necessary paperwork prior to closing on our home.
March 2, 2012 came very early.. by this I mean I just couldn’t sleep! I didn’t know if it was the excitement, the nerves, or what? I generally wake up Friday mornings super excited to spend the day with my hubby but today was different! Was I excited that we were going skiing or that we were meeting with our mortgage rep, I had no idea, all I know is that it was a long night!!  I woke up just before 5AM after tossing and turning all night and just laid there thinking of everything we had going on and I had the funniest yet most reassuring feeling. I was suddenly full of emotion and excitement, this house buying business was really getting to me… or so I thought J Well with so many thoughts running through my mind I thought to take a pregnancy test, I kind of laughed at the thought and then after thinking I couldn’t help it so I rolled out of bed and well to skip ahead a little bit…. It was positive. I was suddenly full of all sorts of emotions. I was dumbstruck, happy, excited, and terrified. And then I was thinking there was no way this could be it, so I ran to the store and bought a plethora of tests… and well ladies and gents after 6 positives I couldn’t help but to believe it. What on earth do I do now? I couldn’t tell Kurt, at least not yet… I had to be sure so I called the doctor but I was out of luck and  they were booked and couldn’t get me in until Tuesday.
 Needless to say, I was one emotional girl ALL DAY!! And poor Kurt had no idea what was going on, I was happy and laughing one second and the next I was holding back tears. He was nervous that I didn’t want the house anymore… little did he know that I was just trying to wrap my mind around me being a mom. It was something I have always wanted and always dreamed of and now suddenly it was all so terrifying! Well, after 4 long days of waiting, the doc confirmed the pregnancy! I had thought that since it was already the 6th I could just wait till our anniversary the next week… but nope! Once Kurt got home I started laughing and then crying and I couldn’t hold it back any longer so I pulled up the book I had been working on online which after ordering just a few days before had obviously not arrived yet and I had him “proof read” a page or two. I couldn’t pull my tear filled eyes away from his face, watching every expression, when he suddenly chocked up and smiled asking me if I was serious. When he looked and saw the tears of excitement, joy, and terror running down my face he started laughing. We both sat there in eachothers arms and laughed and cried. How could this all be real? Is it possible for this many blessings to come at once? And to top things off, Kurt also received his acceptance letter for the business program through Utah State. Life as we knew it was suddenly changing! Who knew fairy tales happened to real people like us?!? Well, with that just all happening in the first week of March, you can only imagine how great the rest of the month was. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary, took a much needed getaway to St. George with Lance and Atalie, and it was Kurt’s birthday.  To celebrate Kurt’s 25th birthday, we started it off by seeing our baby for the very first time! It was an amazing and unreal experience that we will cherish forever! It was such a perfect sound and sight seeing our sweet baby (who looked almost identical to a sour patch gummy!) and to hear his sweet little heart beating so strongly! I loved every second! I couldn’t believe that he was really in there but sure enough he was wiggling all over the place it was hysterical! We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry from the excitement! It was truly amazing! After meeting our little bean for the first time we continued our crazy birthday celebration by closing on our house! That’s right, this was a birthday that Kurt would never forget, a baby and a house all at once! I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to top that J And to sum things up we ended Kurt’s amazing birthday celebration by eating at none other than good ol’ Texas Roadhouse (our absolute favorite!!)
Doe this little guy not look totally identical to the little sour patch kiddos??!? That's right he is already a little cutie at just 9 weeks.. you cant help but want to gobble him right up!!!

Okay well I believe that pretty much sums up March, April was a blur to say the least… I really think that the past few months have only had half as many days in them as they use to because they are going by way too fast! In April we celebrated my birthday, watched our amazing prophet and apostles speak in General Conference, found out our little bean is a little boy and worked on the house! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the amazing gospel that we are a part of. April was an amazing month for us but with that came some trials that we would have never imagined. But looking at it all now I cannot begin to imagine our lives without the blessings that this gospel brings to us. I am so truly grateful for the knowledge that families are eternal, and that no matter what comes you can always count on your savior to be there for you. I have also realized that it is times when you need the savior the most, it is sometimes the hardest to focus on, but when you do take a second and sincerely turn to him, you realize that everything will be okay and that we are all here for a reason. I cannot lie and say that I love the trials and tests that we must go through in life, cause in all honesty I highly DISLIKE them… but I do know that it is through these trials that we are able to grow closer to our father in heaven and our savior who died for us. It is through these tests and trials that we turn to the gospel and to our families. I am so incredibly grateful for such an amazing husband who has the priesthood and is able to give priesthood blessings. I am so grateful and so blessed to have such an amazing family, not only my family but also my in laws. I have been so blessed to be able to rely on Kurt, my father in law, and my dad who have each worked so hard working on our home and sacrificing so much. I LOVE my family (all of them!) more than anything else and I couldn’t ask for anything more I truly am so blessed to have such amazing examples in my life!!!

Okay as for May, Well time continues to fly for us! We spent many hours working on the house and Little Lexi Loo left on her mission! I can’t believe how amazing she is! She is now in London and I know she is ready and willing to serve the lord with all she has! She is such an amazing young woman and an amazing example! I love her so much and couldn’t be more proud of her! Well, all the hard work has paid off and the last week of May we were able to move in! Yup that is right…. We are now officially in our home! We still have some work to do, but we are slowly getting more and more done! I love coming home with my hubby every night and pulling in to our own garage! As cheesy as that sounds, it is perfect!!! And to make things even better me and Kurt get to carpool in the mornings, so we finally get to see each other, other than at night when we are both exhausted!!! Life couldn’t be better than it is now!

This is a lovely family picture before Lexie left on her mission... we are crazy but we are one of a kind! Good luck sis! You will do amazing things!!!

Well now it is officially June and so much has happened in the past few months and even with our ups and downs I wouldn’t change anything! We are so excited for all that we have accomplished and all that we still have in store! It is crazy to know that we are already over half way through this pregnancy and boy oh boy it has absolutely flown by! I love this little baby boy so much! He is such a little stinker who definitely has a mind of his own and already gets his own way, but Kurt and I love him more than we could ever imagine! He is growing faster and faster every day and getting so big.. and tall like his daddy! I can’t believe how much can change in such a short time! I am so excited to go to the doc tomorrow and get some more pictures of this little boy! He will be here before we know it  and we cannot wait!
Well, that just about sums our exciting adventures over the past few months and I cant wait to see what else lies in store for our little family! We have been so blessed in so many ways and are so grateful for all of our amazing family and friends! We look forward to the many more adventures to come and hopefully in the future I will be better with these blog updates J But for now I make no promises! Hahaha Truthfully I hope I get better at it though so that I can print it all out on day and probably laugh at all the cheesy and dumb things I say, I am positive I will be thoroughly entertained… but lets be honest… that’s life right, one big entertaining adventure!
***More pictures soon to come :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

LoVe iS iN tHe AiR!!!

Hey all you lovebirds! Are you going crazy trying to think of the perfect gift or idea for your special someone this valentines?!?! Well here are a few ideas... if you need some help :)
First off is to find that special someone and love them to pieces!

Step One: CHECK!! (yup the sexy ski model below is none other than my goofy hubby! I am one lucky girl!)
And just to be sure I do not get in trouble for posting the above picture, I will include the usual skiing "steez" that I see daily! Yes the below picture is Kurt and him and his tricks scare me to death!!! But lets be honest... he looks good doing it! :)

Okay... now for step two.. Think of something they would like ... either a special treat, a surprise, a cute date night... anything! Really... this is where you need to think, and if you're like me, there are just too many options! Lucky for me usually Kurt has valentines day covered, he has made me the sweetest candlelight dinner of steak and lobster for the past two years along with snuggling, a movie, and flowers! But this year we both have work and Kurt has school till 9pm, so even though I hate that we cant carry on our cute tradition, I still want to make it special! Alright so here are some ideas that I have been thinking of!
My first choice was to make a cute photo/memory book...  you can design and personalize your own book  on sites like shutterfly and snapfish! I personally LOVE these sights and have been working on a book for almost a year now! Yes I am a procrastinator! But sooner or later it will be done... sadly it will just not be done in time for valentines day (which is pathetic really since it was originally planned to be a christmas present! whoops!).  All in all if you were hoping to make a book, I am hoping you are far more on top of things than me! 
Another idea could be a treat bar! Or any cute treats that you know they'll love! Here are a few that I have experimented with over the past few days. (Yes I know it is a little too soon, but I figured what the heck, i might as well make it last a few days.. right?!?!?)
The first is some fudge! If you have your own recipe it will work too... It was my first time making it so bear with me.

·         1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
·         2/3 cup (5 fl.-oz. can) NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk
·         2 tablespoons butter or margarine
·         1/4 teaspoon salt
·         2 cups miniature marshmallows
·         1 1/2 cups (9 oz.) NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels
·         1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts (optional)
·         1 teaspoon vanilla extract


COMBINE sugar, evaporated milk, butter and salt in medium, heavy-duty saucepan. Bring to a full rolling boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil, stirring constantly, for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat.

STIR in marshmallows, chocolate morsels, nuts (if desired) and vanilla extract. Stir vigorously for 1 minute or until marshmallows are melted. 

SUBSTITUTE 1 3/4 cups (11.5-oz. pkg.) NESTLE® TOLL HOUSE® Milk Chocolate Morsels for Semi-Sweet      Chocolate Morsels.)

Pour into prepared baking pan... or desired candy molds! and refrigerate for 2 hours or until firm. Lift from pan or mold. decorate as desired :)
This is what I used as a mold and candies....  

And sorry I am new at this blogging thing and forgot to mention that you will want to put a thick color of your candy chocolate in the mold to act as a shell .. before making the fudge... like this...

 Okay so now fill the molds with the fudge mix and place in the refrigerator. I used 3 different molds and rolled balls as well to make an assortment.   After letting the fudge cool in the molds for awhile, it is time to decorate! Get creative and have fun! Here are what my little treats looked like in the end...

Complete with chocolate covered strawberries, fudge filled hearts, and fudge bites. 

I also wanted to do a framed chalk board to add a little more festivity to my decor... I started with this.. (I will not include steps, but if you are interested, just let me know and I will be happy to help you out!)

Here is my finished product... To be completely honest I haven't written on it just yet... Is it bad that I am afraid to ruin it! haha I am just so happy at how it turned out!

I used a stencil in the corner to add a little contrast. Here is a little glimpse of valentine bliss... a table full of goodies!
Here are a few other goodie Ideas... Cake pops... or fudge pops... crepes, cute gift bags as seen above for families and friends, candy glasses, cookies, and much more... (I used the gift bags, along with a plate of goodies for family goodie plates. It is a super easy gift idea for any holiday.)

Alright all you love birds... These are just some ideas so go and get busy! Tell your sweetheart that you love them and no matter what else you decide to do, just have fun and enjoy! Happy Valentines Day!