Monday, April 7, 2014

what goes in must come out.... WHY?!?!?!

Okay so we have all heard the term what goes in- must come out... right??? But when it comes to the flu.. or any sickness really I have but one question... WHY?!?!?? don't get me wrong.. I get it- and I know that it all must be "processed" one way or another but seriously I feel like when you are pregnant cleaning up your baby and hubby's sickness non stop life just looses all sense of fairness!
Okay now before you think I am just writing this little blurp to complain let me stop and assure you that, that is simply not the case- I am writing this to actually show how extremely grateful I am and how sometimes you just have to sit back laugh and be humbled... even if that means a whole lot of clean up duty!
It all started last Tuesday... my poor little keller bug suddenly started throwing up every half hour to an hour.. trust me when I say there was a lot of barfin' goin on... it was quite the day! to make things a bit more entertaining... I had my cute nieces over Addie (3) and Emery (1).. and emery had recently.. as in that same morning.. mastered the art of stairs.. who knew it would be such an eventful day! After a busy afternoon and a long night of snuggling we thought little Keller was on the mend... little did we know our fun had merely just  begun!
Wednesday seemed to go by fairly smoothly while grandma hung out with Kell for the day.. but when he got home he wanted to try and eat some milk and food other than pedialyte.. so we let him.. bad idea! The poor little guy to make things a bit more pleasant to read... had multiple blowouts... gross pure liquid poop blowouts... TMI so sorry! but you get the idea... a whole lot of YUCK!! and now it is the following Monday.. and the blowouts have continued! However after talking with Kellers doc and getting this little kiddo.. who wants so badly to eat his normal favorite foods again without all the other crudy side affects (literally) .. a bit of a strict diet for a few more days and tons of water and pedialyte should have this kiddo back to normal in no time.. and that means he can once again have his MILK... yes you would think I am the meanest mommy ever lately because we cant let him drink his favorite thing ever... milk.. this kid could seriously be one of the biggest dairy farm supporters with the amount of milk he usually drinks- so needless to say, telling him that he cant have it- makes us terrible and so mean! It is heartbreaking!! Soon enough though- he will be ready to drink up!
Also on the plus side- the flu only lasted for 2 days with Kurt! yay.. and we are hoping and praying that I can somehow miraculously avoid the wretched flu! and so far our prayers have been answered!
but on the trying to be grateful and humbling side.............
I dont know if you are LDS or if you are not but either way- I believe that our heavenly father provides us everyday miracles. Whether those miracles are obvious and miraculous or small and easily unnoticed they are there. I know it. I've seen it. I believe it. and I have felt them in my every day life! Especially during motherhood!
Tuesday as I sat there holding my poor baby boy helpless as he continually vomited regardless of what I did- I wanted nothing more than to be able to hold him tightly- kiss him better- and tell him that i would fix it. But I couldn't I could hold him and kiss him- but magically curing him- no- i simply dont have that power. But I can pray- and I did. I prayed not only for healing- but prayed for him to be comfortable and thanked my heavenly father that I was able to be there while he was sick- as hard as it was to watch and be there threw- I would have been heartbroken if I wasn't there to hold him and comfort him- this was a small miracle to me- this could have easily happened any other day when I was working- but it didn't- I was there- I was home- holding him, kissing him and telling him he would be okay. I know that everyone has trials and I can only thank heavenly father daily for the blessings that come along with those trails! I am so very grateful for a normally healthy baby boy! a sweet healthy growing baby girl- who we cannot wait to meet! An incredible husband who works hard each and every day to provide for us- even when I know he would much rather be playing and relaxing!
This past weekend with my boys by my side, we were able to watch and listed to general conference- can I just tell you how much I love this time of year!?! I love listening to the words that I know I need to hear- the prayers that I needed answered are answered right there! It is truly a remarkable experience!
 All in all, as much as I would love to cure every sickness and make it so that I never have to see my sweethearts (big or small) sick or in pain- it is in these times that I love them even more- I am able to turn to my heavenly father and pray- and thank him. I am so blessed with all that I have been blessed with and even though it totally stinks in more ways than one to be on that clean up duty- you get to realize that what goes in must come out... but it doesn't always have to be bad!
So here is to staying positive.... and fingers crossed that we will be back to normal in no time in our house!

graphic? I know.. sorry!! but look at that face.. "eww mama"
one worn out little kiddo.. day one :(

day two... I love that he snuggles his "beeebees" and loves his daddies old hockey pillow case! haha

does this not break your heart?!?

this is the first day... he was wide awake and exhausted just moaning by the bathroom door- he didnt want to move a muscle- poor baby boy!

lots of baths = lots of lotion.. luckily he LOVES lotion! yay!!
coloring in a box... little did we know that within seconds- that very box would save our carpet from a horrendous blowout!! 

hangin out in jammies feeling baby sister kick! 

telling his baby sister he loves her! and just laughing at moms big ol belly!

two sickies making breakfast... 

when you're sick you come up with all sorts of activities to entertain.

focusing with daddy!

daddy's little helper

okay so this was a big no no on my part- but how to entertain when you are sick for days and days.. the kid loves to cook... but..... 

he also loves to eat.... however this led to lots of throwin up! bad mom moment!! but how could I resist... he is just too cute!

lots of pop and puke= lots of baths and hand washing! and he LOVES being able to play in the water!!! 

this is the look I got today when I told him he couldnt have a cookie cause he is sick... broken heart! 

cutest sick kiddo I have ever seen! 

he woke up from his nap today and headed straight to his hockey stick! 

and thats all for now folks..............

Some Pics from Natty loo whoo!