Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Introducing our little Keller Booth Thomas

It has been far too long since I last posted and I know for sure that I am quite possibly the worst blogger ever but what can I say, I have been a little pre-occupied with something far better than blogging could ever be.. and that is this little man!

And.. that I have also decided is why I must blog! I want to always remember the little things! The smiles and coos, the long nights and dirty diapers, the hugs and kisses, and much much more! Life as I know it is a never ending whirlwind of adventure. It has been amazing on levels that I never would have imagined possible, and yet here I am… sitting at a computer, dark circles under my eyes, a huge smile on my face, all while snuggling a beautiful 6 week old little boy who just wants to snuggle in his moms arms instead of sleeping in his crib… and well to be honest, that is how I like it!
Well to start from the beginning, 6 weeks ago on Sunday the 21st of October Kurt and I woke up after waiting and hearing that our little man could arrive “any day”… well after hearing that for 4 weeks and seeing nothing, this October morning seemed no different… that is until after sacrament meeting. During sacrament I was uncomfortable… nothing too extreme but I just couldn’t seem to sit still so we headed home and after awhile I fell fast asleep!   I woke up an hour later with that same discomfort.. I jokingly turned to kurt and said “ha wouldn’t that be awesome if this was labor! It doesn’t even hurt!” well I spoke too soon.. While laying down I had a sudden stomach pain and thought I had  to go to the bathroom… TMI, I know.. sorry! But no luck, I was suddenly very uncomfortable. Well after this pain went on for a few minutes Kurt decided to time them and said that they were probably contractions… I told him there was no way and then decided to try and paint my nails while sitting there stuck in the bathroom, haha oh I didn’t have any luck with that because that is when the pain got unbearable.. to the point I didn’t think I could get off the toilet. Kurt timed them again and they were less than 3 minutes apart! Whoops.. I should have listened to my sweet and smart hubby sooner because When the contractions came, they came with a vengeance! Haha Well our adventure began and we headed to the hospital… I feel bad for every car we passed because I know for a fact that I looked like death as I was withering in pain in the front seat! We arrived at Riverton hospital just after 6pm and once at the hospital they took us right back , checked  me and let me know that I was only at a 4.. which didn’t sound too exciting to me since I was at a 3 for weeks! And then they told me that since it was our first, I would probably be in labor for a good 12-16 hours, which sounded like the death of me.   
They through in an IV that helped a little with the pain but I was still feeling the contractions like crazy so the nurse came back in after only 10 minutes and checked again.. and to our surprise and excitement, I was already at an 8! EEK!! They quickly called the anesthesiologist to get me an epidural and called the doc because I was ready to push! After I was relaxed and the doctor arrived I was good and ready to go! I started pushing around 730pm and our little man arrived at 953pm…. I will spare you all the details about me and pushing but I am happy to say it was a truly incredible experience and nothing like the movies... if anything I was laughing and unsure if I was doing it right... that is only because of the epidural they gave me before and once I was given the epidural it was pain free ... amazing!!! but truthfully I do not know how people do it natuarlly... that was always my plan, until I actually felt the pain and then I was begging for the drugs right as we walked in the hospital doors! they were AMAZING!!!
However the most amazing part of all was our little baby! Seeing Dr. Hansen lift up our sweet baby boy and laying him on my chest was the most incredible experience in the world. Words cannot describe the feelings that were in the room nor the happiness for that matter! Everything else at that very second seemed to fade away. It was just me, my eternal sweetheart, and our perfect baby boy. It is so funny because almost instantly it seemed that the 3 of us had always been and just fit so perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better pregnancy or outcome! That night Kurt and I stayed wide awake just in awe at the thought that we were now officially parents! The three of us all squished together on the hospital bed and in no better way to describe it… just soaked it all in! Snuggling, smiling, and just loving every minute! It was truly a dream come true.

Now fast forward 6 weeks and here we are… I never imagined that I would have such a perfect little blonde haired blued eyed child! But I love every bit of him! I wish I could record his every movement, every sound, and every perfect little adorable face expression! I can’t believe how quickly he has already seemed to grow and how fast he is changing! It is absolutely terrifying to think that my baby will one day grow up! I have no doubt that my love for him will just continue to grow but I in this moment want nothing more than to remember every little stage and grin! I love my little angel and cant imagine a day without him!




  1. Congratulations! And lucky you...your labor was fast! I was stuck at 2 cm for 6 or 7 hours. Bleh. So happy for your cute family! He really is so adorable!!

    1. HAHA I know I am so glad it went so quickly! I had been at a 3 for over 4 weeks but no labor so I was just a time bomb and was just waiting to pop! But it was well worth the wait, we absolutly love him!!! And I am so excited for you and your sweet family with baby #2 on the way!! congratulations!!!