Saturday, January 5, 2013

Keller's first Christmas!!

Its completely normal to have a million and one best day evers right?!?! RIGHT!!! Every single day with my boys seems to top the one before and quite honestly I LOOOOVVVEE IT!!!! Every single day is truly amazing but Christmas was truly remarkable! It was a magical perfect day! Holidays are soo much more fun and exciting when you get to celebrate them with sweet little kiddos! Our Christmas celebrations started during the week and it was a busy week at that! Thursday night we attended the Forgotten Carols with Kurt’s parents! It was amazing! I love the incredible feeling that you leave that production with! It truly puts you in the Christmas spirit! Friday night was our Wuthrich Family Christmas get together! We celebrated together at our home this year! We are so blessed to have such an incredible family and they absolutely spoiled us and our little Keller more than we could have asked for! Saturday night we had our perfect annual Call Christmas get together! So much fun! It is always so good to see everyone! Sunday night we spent snuggled together in total anticipation of our coming adventures! Monday.. aka Christmas Eve!! After working in the morning we had our Thomas family get togethers!! First we all met up at Nate and Ashley’s new house.. Keller and I were the first to arrive and Logan and Bailey were more than excited to spoil Keller with their gifts! They got him a little Mario back pillow to help sit up! It was so absolutely adorable! When everyone else showed up we did a family gift exchange and got spoiled! We seriously couldn’t ask for better families! We are so blessed! After our gift exchange, we battled the weather and carpooled it up to Heber for the annual Christmas party!  We had so much fun and well to be honest Keller slept through almost the whole night… I am not sure how he sleeps through all the craziness but he seems to manage! Christmas Eve wrapped up with us snuggled together watching A Christmas Story, wearing our Christmas PJs, and getting some last minute wrapping done.
Okay well that was a super quick glance at our pre-Christmas festivities… as for Christmas… it was amazing! I think Kurt and I were way more excited then Keller but I know deep down he was so full of excitement.. he is just far better at controlling himself than us! Haha We all headed down Christmas morning and lucky for us.. SANTA CAME! Woot! Woot! Keller was spoiled rotten by Santa and we loved helping him open all of his gifts! Kurt was so cute with all of his little surprises for Keller.. lets just say that I know as Keller gets older, we are going to be very busy with adventures! And I am sure I will always be full of worry along with all that excitement because my boys are going to be full of energy and adventure! Our christmas gifts seemed never ending, I cant believe how much we were spoiled! We also got to talk to Lexie!!! Sister Wuthrich is doing amazing! London is so blessed to have her! It is absolutly crazy how much I miss her, but I know she is right where she needs to be and she is doing amazing things!!! I am so proud of her!!!
We then had christmas dinner at Meghan & Victor's house with Meg, Victor, Addie, and kurt's parents! It was perfect!!
Well all in all our Christmas was truly perfect in every way imaginable! And for some pictures……..

All in all... we were spoiled rotten and truely blessed!! What a great year it has been!! :)

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  1. I love these pictures! Keller is the cutest little guy ever! It sure was fun to spend Christmas with you guys!