Friday, March 14, 2014

Being a mom...

Being a mom is the greatest miracle ever. PERIOD!
the late night feedings? the little boogie noses? crying? sick days? no sleep? messy houses? stinky diapers? crumbs galore? tantrums?

YES! all of that and more!

Being a mom isn't always easy... it isnt always pretty... and it isn't always perfect BUT it is motherhood!
It is hugs and kisses! play time! giggles! snuggles! story time! little hands! little feet! smiles! singing! dancing! and much much more!
Being a mom is staying up late, being totally exhausted- to simply soothe your teething little one back to sleep- and through all the chaos realizing that you in that moment are needed- you are their hero, their best friend, and their mommy! 
Being a mom is rocking your baby boy as he falls asleep in your arms- against your chest- and feeling your baby girl kick in your womb. It is a miracle- a blessing- it is a personal heaven on earth!

Everyday an adventure! everyday a new experience! everyday a mother! everyday a mom!!
motherhood is something you witness everyday- it is something you once dreamed of- prayed of. it is something you thought you knew everything about but realize daily  you were so so wrong! it is something that makes you weak from giving it all but makes you strong from giving more than you ever thought you could! 

Being a mother - being a mom is the greatest blessing I could have ever dreamed of!

From the moment I held you in my arms, my whole world changed! my world went from great to incredible!! Keller bug mommy loves you and cannot believe how blessed I am to have you for ever and for always and I am soo excited to welcome your sweet little sister to this world- to our family! I look forward to each new adventure. each new experience. each new smile and giggle. each new day! 

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