Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We went CAMPING.... on a boat!

So, we did it... we bought a boat! ...again! hahaha this is our 4th boat in 3 years- call us crazy- but we LOVE it! 
And obviously with new toys, you need to play with them and really test them out! So we did- and guess what... yup, WE LOVED EVERY. LITTLE. SECOND!!! 
So, to really put it to the test, we went camping.... on our boat... in a campsite.... on dry ground... by the water! and of course we actually boated on the water too- I was just too nervous to let the kiddos  sleep out on the water until they are totally comfortable swimming- with and without life jackets... maybe next year! But, for now, it was still amazing! We headed up to Deer Creek, Thursday night after work and boated for a few hours until it got dark- and that is when the adventure began- We got all of the blankets out.... ALL of them... we may have brought like 10 too many- BUT at least we were warm all night! 
We had a little makeshift picnic, watched a dinosaur movie on the ipod, looked for bears-wickens (this is how Keller says chickens!)- and wabbits (rabbits)--- obviously we didnt see a single animal... especially the bears and chickens- but Keller insisted we looked out for them! You know, he likes to keep us safe!
 and last but not least, we snuggled in too sleep before our next morning of adventure on the lake!

"EESEE!!!!" This little one is such an amazing photographer! haha

This is why we boat... and play alot! Because when we stop for even TWO seconds... Keller insists on a phone or ipad... seriously?!?!? ahhhhh :( 
hahaha the flash in the dark was making everyone's eyes a little sensitive! 

Kell used his super bright flashlight too look for bears, chickens, and rabbits in the dark.... we found none BUT he insisted that his light was "so awesome!"

our little Starfish! hahaha Sailor was nice and toasty! Kurt obviously LOVED me taking pictures with the flash on!

this boy.... and this personality... are unstoppable!! I LOVE HIM!

Watching "We're Back... a dinosaur story!" These little ones are too funny! They tease each other and fight all day- but they are also the best of buddies who refuse to be separated! I love them!!!

Trying to get this little lady to sleep was an absolute zoo! She thought she was so funny in her little outfit- and didnt want to miss a minute of anything!


clearly even after sleeping all night, they were still a little tired! 

Dont you love how they sleep the same way?!?! haha

Keller kept scolding us- he has a love hate relationship with learning to swim! He does really well, most of the time... but sometimes....... well, he lets us know that he is not happy! Luckily- he is quick to forgive! haha

Kurt will kill me for this picture... but you guys... those eyes... those worried wrinkles... I LOVE THEM! This man is the best daddy and he works so hard for us- and lives to teach his kids everything! I love that they love boating just like their daddy! I am one lucky lady!

our little summo wrestler... haha trying to change her diaper on the boat is a joke- she is one little busy bee!!

until next time!!!!

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  1. Never too young! I was teaching my boys how to water ski when Andy, the oldest was about 5. My wife thought it was too young, but nope as soon as he was swimming I put him in Skis. I belonged to the ski team back in town, as a kid. So perhaps I was a bit of a daredevil.

    Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center