Sunday, January 3, 2016

Little snippets of Christmas 2015

This Christmas season I was bound and determined that we would all be healthy… no sickies on Christmas… It thought for sure we would meet this goal because this was our most relaxed Christmas season yet! Usually we have a family party of some sort everynight leading up to Christmas... this year they were all nicely spaced out... but no luck!  I got 1.5 out of four that were healthy... so my goal wasn't a total fail...  Kurt was almost 100%- but was still recovering from a cold. Keller was a boogery respiratory mess… he was almost 100% ( for him… more to come on that in another post!) and Sailor- Oh. My. Goodness! The poor girl has had a cold along with Keller for the past week or so- and then bad luck struck.
We arrived home from our Christmas Eve Festivities in Heber and all was well. We quickly put the kids to bed and got to work wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas morning! We were on a roll… wrapping away and Kurt was hard at work putting together Sailor’s kitchen set. And then around midnight Sailor woke up screaming. I ran upstairs to make sure she didn’t wake Keller and to my despair the poor girl was burning up and wheezing terribly. She kept holding her head telling me- “owie mommy owie! hot!!!” My heart broke. I felt awful- her temp was 102.8 and she felt awful. I finally got some Ibuprofen in her and calmed her down enough that she was able to relax a bit. She was still too warm that she wanted to be snuggled but not held… she snuggled into the recliner with the humidifier in her face, her back being tickled, and medicine slowly kicking in.
She finally fell back to sleep sitting in the recliner - it was the sweetest, saddest little sight. I snuggled her for an hour or so and then I was back to work getting everything ready!
Kurt and I finally went to bed at 3AM… I wasn’t too worried because our kiddos generally sleep in….. Generally.
Well, Keller woke up at 5:45AM and practically gave me a heart attack! “MOMMY!! You know its Christmas day today! I an sooooo essxcited!!!”
I bribed him into snuggling for an hour and a half.. we watched a movie and snuggled in bed before … “mommy you know Santa wants me to open presents today? He really does! He needs me to! you know he told me that mommy?!?” I laughed... Keller is very persuasive! 
I asked Kurt if he was physically able to wake up yet… he told Keller to go “check” if Santa had even come yet… Keller sprinted downstairs and we heard cheering… “he came he did came to my house!! Santa brought me a kitchen!!!” I couldn’t stop laughing.. I finally coaxed him back upstairs and told him we had to wait for daddy and Sailor to wake all the way up. He quickly woke everyone up and cheered until everyone was ready to go downstairs! Poor sailor! But she was a trooper and was excited as one could be when they are woken up in total confusion and wonder.
We read a letter from Jingle Bell ( our little elf friend). He had left us the night before to head back to the North Pole but wanted the kids to know he loved them and would see them next year. Keller was not happy that he left and told us that his heart was sad because he wanted Jingle Bell to see all of his toys! 
We "tried" to read a story about the true meaning of Christmas and how Santa loves us- but he always wants us to remember why we celebrate, Keller is convinced that Santa and Jesus are best buddies and that means that he is best buddies with them too because he proudly tells everyone that Jesus lives in his heart... It is my favorite!
While we read the story Keller and Sailor struggled to listen... because hello mom, do you not see all of these glorious presents that are all around us?!?
We did our best to remind our sweethearts of the true meaning of Christmas, and then far too quickly... the chaos began! 
Stockings, presents, and magic all around! This Christmas was full of wonder and excitement. It was full of love and genuine believing. I love the sweet spirits that our little ones bring into our home- especially around the holidays. Our Christmas was absolutely crazy, but I loved every little crazy minute!

Now for the pictures.... 
Our little Christmas Eve Breakfast Preparation... Sailor and I made Christmas pancakes with shaped like Santa and Snowman.... aka BLOBS! hahaha 

Sailor kept climbing on the table to eat all of our toppings! She thought she was pretty sneaky! 

Visiting SANTA..... The kids LOVED it... clearly!

They were however super happy after with their hats from Santa after!

 Our poor little sickie on Christmas Eve...

Christmas MORNING!!! Santa came!!!

Keller felt it was his job to wake everyone up! 

poor little Sailor was a little confused and still feeling cruddy... she soon felt better when she realized that she could finally open all of the presents!!!



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