Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Shmog! Baby Update!!! :)

Oh my goodness gracious! I cannot believe how quickly time seems to fly by lately!!! I know I say that far too much but seriously, where has this summer gone? I cannot believe that we are almost 32 weeks pregnant and still have so much to do! I constantly have hundreds of thoughts and ideas running through my mind with absolutly no time to do them! Really though, I think I have sat and started at least 3 seperate blog posts and never even finished the first paragragh to any of them! Lets just say that it is probably a good thing I am not taking any classes right now ;) Yet even amoungst all this insanity, I have never been more happy.. excited.. and well exhausted! haha I cannot believe it is almost September! Our little guy will be here before we know it! EEK!!! I am so excited to meet this little mister and snuggle him at all hours! I cannot believe how much our lives have already changed and how much this little man seems to continually be working on both me and his daddy to be better! haha this kiddo has some high hopes! He is in for quite the treat :) Even though this new world is so unkown and even scary, I could not be happier to be experiencing it all with Kurt! He is going to be such a cute little daddy! I cannot wait to see him cradle our little boy in his arms as he sees him for the first time in the hospital! I cannot wait to see the smile on his face when we hear our baby's first cry!  There is just so much I am looking forward to and I know that I wouldnt want it any other way! I love these little moments that Kurt and I have been able to have getting ready and relaxing, just the two of us! It has been so unreal to think that in just a few more weeks two will turn to three! It is amazing to me at how much this little boy already loves his daddy! I have to laugh when others rub my stomach or try to get him to kick and he rolls up in a ball and refuses to budge! Yet, once he hears his daddy's voice the kid goes nuts!!! It is hilarious! He will kick the whole time Kurt talks and he even moves to whatever side Kurt is on, I absolutly love it!!! He defintately loves his daddy!

As each week goes by and this little man keeps growing I have to laugh!!! I turned to kurt the other night and jokingly asked if he ever pictured me this "big" he smiled politely and then that smile turned into a huge grin as he said "no way!" haha I laughed so hard, somewhat surprised at his honesty! He then quickly added, that it isnt a bad thing because its a baby, this made it even funnier! Oh how I love my husband!!! But lets be honest... how much can one little 5 foot 2 inch girl stretch? I am slightly worried that our little man wont be so much a baby but more of a small hulk! haha He definately takes after his daddy! It never fails to make me smile though as I try and do my normal "every day tasks" that are now seemingly impossible at times! For instance... getting dressed! Who ever thought that it would be such a work out!!! After getting ready each morning, I feel like I deserve a nap! haha :) To be totally honest, I am not sure how people do it, Not pregnancy.. because lets be honest, I love this little guy inside of me and so far we have had it pretty good :) I think the hardest part is the continually growing! It is crazy at how much a few extra pounds easily weears you down! Sheesh!!! Every morning is an adventure that is for sure... We now have to play the dress up game! I put on a shirt and cross my fingers... the trick is to see if it actually covers my belly! haha This little guy decided to double in size in less than 4 weeks....

this picture was at 27 weeks...

this picture was at 30.5 weeks.... see the diffrence?!? My poor swimsuit has met its max, LITERALLY!!! I was worried I was going to have to have it cut off, because when it was wet it was nearly impossible to remove!!!!

But regardless of how big I get, I welcome it with open arms if it means I get a healthy cute little baby in the end :) And luckily for me I only have about a month left to grow and wait! haha **The true test will be to see how much I have actually gained this pregnancy when we go to the doc tomorrow :) I am soooo excited!!!

Well, to add to our excitment and anticipation of this little boy, we had our first baby shower!! We were able to get away for the weekend, so we headed out to Vegas to visit my moms side of the family! It was so fun to go and see everyone, I literally hadnt seen most of them in over 8 years! It was such a fun experience and we cant wait to go back!!! However, next time we drive 7+ hours in the car in over 104 degree weather, I plan on not being 31 weeks pregnant :) Here is a little sneak peak at all the fun we had!

 Kurt and I stopped at the wakeboard park in St. George on our way sown... needless to say, Kurt LOVED it!!! We cant wait to go back!
It was so much fun playing in the pool all day! Kurt kept the kids very entertained by having trick contests! haha Here are a few of them doing a cool jumping pic into the pool :)

Me and my amazing family!!! Mom and three of the four of her girls... lexi loo is serving in the london england mission!!! We are so proud of her and all she is doing! We miss you lexi loo!!!!

Veronica, Mya, Nat, Me, Mom, and Anthony

haha sooo excited for our baby boy!!

Mom and her siblings with Grandma "V"

Us kiddos and Grandma!!

And last but not least me and my handsome hubby!!! Yes I know I look like I could swallow him whole!!! As you can tell, we spent half of our time in the pool!!! This little baby is going to love the water!!

Well friends, That is all for now... I will apoligize now that what you just read had about a bajillion spelling and punctuation errors and heck it may not have even made sense.. but ask me how I feel?!?!? hahaha SOOOO accomplished! hahaha I finally finished a full blog post! Errors and all :) Hopefully our little mister arrives, I will be able to write better posts that perhaps make a little more sense, but until then I will take what I can get and write jibberish to my little hearts content! :)
Well friends I hope you have enjoyed my half crazy entry, I hope to write again soon.... but as for now, I am off to bed!!! Sweet dreams! :)

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