Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sneak peaks of perfection!

You know those moments that seem so perfect in life you don’t even want to blink because you don’t want it to end... those small little sneek peaks of that picture perfect life...Well, I am so happy to say that, that is exactly how I have felt for the past few weeks… sure there have been some little rough patches here and there along the way, but it is precisely because of those little trials that I have grown to love and absolutely adore everything else. It is so funny that as we draw closer and closer to our due date I am so excited, terrified, and in a weird little way sad. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to welcome this sweet little blessing into our family, but I am sad that every little moment during this pregnancy that has been between me and my little mister will end. Haha I know I sound like a total nerd in saying this but in all reality I treasure these little moments more than anything! I love walking up to him kick every morning and watching my belly poke out in every way imaginable from his little acrobatics inside. I love feeling him throughout the entire day just knowing he is right there hangin out with his mommy! And I love going to bed each night with my 2 besties! My incredible hubby and our baby boy! I know it sounds silly since the poor kiddo doesn’t have much of a say in the matter and he is stuck with me but I love it! I love knowing that for this short little time he is all mine! I love it when Kurt and I talk to him and he starts wiggling around like crazy! I love that everyday he is getting bigger and  growing stronger! And I love that right now I am his everything, don’t get me wrong… this terrifies me too! I never thought that I would be the overprotective crazy mom but turns out I was all wrong! He isn’t even here yet and  I  worry about him constantly! (Now I feel bad for all the years of worry I put my own parents through! Haha) I am nervous for the day he is born knowing that from there he will get bigger and bigger every day! Knowing that there is a crazy world that we are responsible to protect him from.. and is it mean to say I am nervous to share him! Hahaha Not that I don’t want this sweet baby to loved and spoiled by all, but I am well…. Nervous and perhaps a wee bit shellfish too! Haha I just don’t want him to grow up too fast! It is funny how it all works. I have decided that heavenly father sure knows how to give a gift J He waits for the perfect moment that he knows is right and blesses you with the idea of an eternal family… and then he makes you wait 9 months going through every emotion whether it be from trials, pains, happiness, or even a bit of everything mixed together! And then just when you think you have had enough,  when that last minute arrives… TaDaa! You get the greatest little present and then as a thank you, you turn to your father in heaven in prayer with gratitude and oh so many questions!!!!  I know it sounds silly but I am being totally serious! I don’t think anyone can top that!! It truly is amazing and to be honest it is still so unreal to me!  I sure love this little man and feel so blessed that heavenly father has trusted me to be a mommy! It is absolutely thrilling and terrifying, but I cannot wait!  I love those tender little moments that we are blessed with throughout each and every day to remind us how amazing life truly is and how blessed we truly are …even though we (I) often times take everything for granted. I am so so so blessed to have such an amazing husband whom I cant wait to share this thrilling adventure with! I love that kurt already has trips and plans in mind for our new adventures together as a family of three, he is going to be the cutest daddy!  I don’t mean to get all mushy but lets face it, I am ragging with all sorts of exciting pregnancy hormones so the emotions just seem to flow at times! Haha but in all reality, I am so grateful for such incredible family and friends and I feel terrible because I know I do not say thank you enough! I hope everyone knows how much I truly love and appreciate them and I am so excited to share this adventure with you all! Thank you for being such amazing examples to me and my little family! We couldn’t be luckier than we are now! Happy Sunday everyone!

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