Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thank you Mr. Bus Driver!!

There are a million ways that I could start this post but I think the best and easiest way would be with a simple thank you! I didn’t know his name, I couldn’t see his name badge, I don’t even know where he technically works, but today he made a difference.
Lets just say that I don’t like buses… in fact, I HATE really really really don’t like them! They are big, loud, scary, and usually a little smelly! Well trying my best to abide by the new hospital protocol I now must park offsite (boo!) so by parking offsite I too get the lovely opportunity to ride the shuttle! I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to ride a shuttle first thing in the morning and then again after a 9 hour work day! Sense the sarcasm?!?!
Well I don’t want to complain anymore or give you the wrong idea because I promise that is not what this is about! In fact.. this post is for the exact opposite!
Well to give you a brief idea of how my first day with the shuttle went .. here goes nothing… Well after arriving to the parking lot I wasn’t quite sure if I was looking at the right bus so as I sat waiting to see if anyone I recognized got on the bus it soon left! Ahhh! Not the way I wanted to start my day!! Well after getting on the next bus which came 10-15 minutes later I finally got to work!
Okay now fast forward 8.5 hours after a very exhausting and frustrating day there I was running (in heels) looking like a total idiot trying to catch the bus before it drove away! And to add to it, I almost fell flat on my backside in a huge slush puddle but to make it worse I didn’t totally fall instead I flapped my arms like a dang bird trying to keep my balance! Ya trust me when I say I looked like a total fool!! Needless to say the bus didn’t drive away without me.. I think he felt bad since I looked like such a mess!! I was totally embarrassed and couldn’t wait to get home so I quickly and quietly got on the bus to head to the parking lot.
After unloading all of the employees at the guardsman lot I walked to my car started unloading all of my bags when the shuttle pulled up and then stopped behind my car! The driver without a second thought jumped out of the shuttle and quickly started cleaning the piles of snow off my car.. he didn’t even have a scraper, using his bare hands he smiled as he brushed every bit of snow off my car without hesitation simply saying “Have a great day!”
I don’t even know his name .. all I know is he was truly an angel! That is definitely what I needed, his simple smile and quick gesture of kindness made me a weeping mess the whole way home! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to him and let him know that his simple act of going the extra mile truly changed my whole day! Even though I do not like busses I am hoping to see him again to say thank you, but just in case I wanted to make sure he was recognized! Thank you Mr. Bus driver for making my day, you truly have no idea what that meant to me! Thank you!!!

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