Sunday, March 24, 2013

3/11/10 = 3 years baby!

Oh hey you handsome hubby of mine!
I just wanted to take a second to publicly embarrass you by proclaiming my undying love! haha Just teasing.. but really! Happy Anniversary to the man I love more than anything!!
Happy anniversary! , 3 years BAPE!! :) I am pretty sure that qualifies us for some kind of married people street cred right?!? I'll see that newlywed bliss and raise you 3 years marital bliss, 1 cute baby boy, a boat, a house... oh and the mortgage! yup... we have made it!  this is serious business now! I am so glad that you chose to marry me in spite of the then unknown hockey facts and well minor height difference (hey at least its not the other way around right?! haha I could be hugely tall!! haha) But baby can't nobody love me quite like you do!  Thanks for my sweet little baby boy, whom I love and adore more than anything! Thanks for your endless hard work to take care of all our needs and wants and most of all thanks for caring for my crazy and well somewhat drastic self :) I love you so so much and fall in love with you more and more everyday! I would say yes again in a second! I love you Kurt! 3 down, eternity to go! I love you! I love you! I love you!
(embarrassed?!?! haha LOVE YOU!!!)

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