Saturday, July 27, 2013

9 months!!

ugh!!! yup you heard right I said ugh!!! so can I just say first off that I love my little angel more than anything!! BUT... I do wish so badly that I could bubble wrap him!! I swear this sweet little angel who is currently sleeping in my arms is such a little go getter ... and by go getter I mean mischief maker! this cute little 9 month old snuggled against my chest, seeming so perfect and so innocent can cause this little mommy quite the heartbreak! he has been  crawling/standing/ and... WALKING!! (with a little help of course!!)  for weeks now and he has already bonked his poor little head more than I'd care to know! it breaks my heart!! he brushes it off each time but I can't help but to flinch and tear up for him! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I hate even the slightest thought that my baby will get hurt! isn't crazy how much you can love one tiny little person!!
okay well now that I got that off my chest can I just say that..... my baby is 9 MONTHS!! yes you heard right N-I-N-E!! that is how long he was in my belly!! ahh how does time move this quickly! I am literally just speechless (hahaha and if you know me- that does not come often!! lets just say I like to talk.... a lot!!) but really though do you realize that a short 18 months ago my sweet baby boy was of microscopic size in my belly and now he is a whopping 22 pounds 6.5 ounces!! it breaks my heart to see it going by so fast but I just love it all the same!!

ignore the mess... I was crafting this day.. I promise we are not pigs! haha

he is at such a fun stage! his favorite activity of all though... the stairs!!! (now do you see why I am a nervous wreck!) yes just like his daddy my child is a daredevil!! he will speed crawl over to his baby walker and pull himself up just to walk/run (literally!) over to the stairs and climb as fast as he can before mommy sees! it is hilarious because he giggles with excitement every time! Keller's other favorite things are boating, tubby time,and swimming in the pool... yes he is totally a Thomas! this kid loves the water!! he loves to eat and if i might say so he looks so cute when he is chewing his food! haha i love his little teeth! he has 4 now! 2 coming in on top (they've been poking through for almost 4 weeks now!)  and 2on the bottom (for months)! thank goodness he is such a happy boy while teething! (how did I get so lucky... really though?!?  
there are so many things he does that melt my heart! I love that he loves to snuggle! I love that he squeals when his daddy calls and comes home from work! I love that he tries to play catch and claps for himself after throwing the ball! I love that he sings with me always and laughs when I dance! I  love that he knows his name! i love/hate that he can almost walk by himself!! ahhhh!!! I love that he grins when we say no! i love that he is growing but I hate it at the same time! I love that he will say mama when he is sad or doesn't want me to leave! I love that he loves his mommy and daddy and that for this short time we are his whole world!!! I love that he calls his daddy all day especially if someone calls my phone! (he always thinks its his daddy calling! his face is priceless as he chatters on telling daddy... or whoever else is on the line endless stories and gibberish! i could literally go on and on for hours... I kinda love the kid so it makes it easy! but my little Keller monster I will spare you the embarrassment since I am sure one day you will wonder why I say or do the things I do but it's most easily described as love! I love you sweetheart! please stay little for at least awhile longer! I love you Keller bug!!

9 month Stats:
~22 lbs 6.5 oz
~29 inches (give or take... keller would not quit moving.. they tried to measure him 3 times! haha what a little stinker!)
~head cir. 47.5cm
~all in all this little man is still in the 93rd percentile! Love my little/BIG baby!!!

always playing with something! :)

someone loves puppies.... Keller loves little Yankee who roams the neighborhood! haha

sometimes playing can be exhausting.... keller crawled in the bouncer all by himself just to lay there! haha what a goof!!

Beach Bum... literally!

Till next time loves!

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