Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Love is in Bloom!

oh hey there fellas I hate to bust your bubbles but there is no one less lovely lady that you can set your hearts on!!
miss Megan McMillan will soon be dropping that Miss and shortening it up to the big M-R-S!!! WAHOO!!!!  yup you heard right this lovely young lady is about to marry the man of her dreams!
words simply cannot express how excited I am for the two of them! they is truly nothing more amazing in life than marrying your best friend knowing you will be with them through all eternity!!! ahhh! it gives me butterflies just thinking about it! what a fun time!!  
well as I am sure you are well aware you simply cannot get married without a bridal shower(I am pretty sure it's a law ;) ) so with further ado I present to you Megan's shower!!!
I was able to team up with the cutest bunch of girls ever and together we helped Megan celebrate her big day!!!

the theme we decided on was one I found off Pinterest!
"petals and popcorn!" 

and I will apologize right now that once again I failed to take before pictures of everything! (so sorry!!) so bear with me and please don't hesitate to ask questions or give input.. I love and welcome it all! 

As for pictures... here goes nothin :)

 the gals...... (and keller)

the prep....

the final  product.....

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