Thursday, December 18, 2014

Activity Days~ Evening Of Excellence!

Okay  this is SOOOOOOO incredibly late.. BUT better late than never right! Here are some images of our adorably cute activity day girls and their parents- helping to put together sanitary kits for our service project! 

I will update this in a bit to add commentary to each pic but for now- here are some fun pictures!! Enjoy! 

Setting Up:

Our "helpers"... before the fire department arrived....
We had a little bit of an adventure while setting up for our lovely evening.... our little helpers decided to pull the fire alarm on the wall in the foyer.... needless to say, we had about 10 strong gentlemen show up to turn it off... 15 minutes later we were back to setting up ... the downside..  the firemen gave Keller some cool stickers when they came .. so the stickers, along with the cool flashing lights, the loud blinking alarm, and the firetruck.. needless to say, Keller now knows just what a fire alarm is and how much awesome stuff he gets to see when it gets pulled.. eek!! 

A little bit of everyone...

Dance! Dance! Dance! 
Melanie asked Holly and I to take the girls out into the hall and come in dancing through the tables when we heard the music start! The girls were each so adorable in the hall and were telling us all about their killer moves.... and then the music started! I was at the front of the line, swung the door open and started dancing.. until I turned around to see all of our darling girls walking behind me... 

They are each too cute for words and the music fits them perfectly! 
Sometimes ...even if we are a little scared or nervous, we might forget how truly beautiful we are and how amazing each of us is- the way they walked in with the cutest ...slightly embarrassed little smiles, with the occasional swing in the arms or skip in their step, is what makes each of them unique and each of them absolutely beautiful!

 Melanie's "BEAUTIFUL" lesson!

Just like a little kernel of popcorn-we are each unique, beautiful daughters of god. 

 Over view of previous activities :


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