Thursday, January 1, 2015

Meeting Santa!!

You Guys, I have always wanted to be the crazy mom who just has to make every holiday crazy and exciting and makes their kid sit on total strangers laps because who doesn't love those timeless crying Santa pics!?!
My darling sis dug this ol beauty up.... I died laughing when I saw little Lexie Loos displeasure with the jolly old fella.. and then I noticed that ... that Jolly Old Fella looked like he wanted to eat Lex! HAHAHAHA
 ohhh... and dont ya just love my little baby fro?!? Perms baby that is where it was at when I was a wee tot! 
Well- I regret to inform you that I have been a HUGE slacker the past 2 years and we never made it to Santa- BUT now that Keller is a little older and I am a sucker for a funny picture- We decided it was a MUST!
So to Santa we went, and luckily for us he decided to take a break from all his hard work at the north pole just for us! He was taking a much needed R&R shopping trip- and decided to sit and visit with some littles at Cabella's! So close and convenient for us and it was free!! woot! woot!
Well we hopped in the line to meet him because hello, who wouldnt want to meet such an incredible man! Keller was very excited to ask him for ROLLER BLADES (yes, you read that right, my TWO year old wants roller blades for Christmas to be just like his daddy and to play hockey!)
So we waited in line for close to an hour and can I just tell you that these two were champs, they were so well behaved and good! I was so proud of both of them!

So... without further ado... here are a few sneak peeks of our amazing Santa meeting adventure!

Sailor was bound and determined to get Kellers little lion!

Passing the time coloring a beautiful picture for his 'MAMAA'.. aka Grandma :)

This was when we only had like 2-3 more people in front of us and Keller had a perfect view... the crying kiddos were making him a bit nervous to see Santa....

As you can tell, both of my kiddos were absolutely 'THRILLED' to meet Santa... you cant tell from the picture but Keller was talking to Santa NON STOP and gave him a giant list of things he wanted... but he refused to sit on Santa's lap.. or make any type of eye contact... BUT when we left, Keller was thrilled and loved talking the whole way home about his best buddy Santa! haha... oh and as you can tell, Santa gave Keller his very own candy cane! (he was very determined to open it right that very moment!)


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