Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lions and Tigers and Dinosaurs?!?!? OH MY!!

These two are at such fun stages right now. 

They make me laugh constantly.. Keller likes to pretend he is a big boy and can do anything he wants on his own... And Sailor learns quickly from Keller and she thinks she is a big girl who can do anything for that she wants! What happened to my babies?!? These littles are only one and two but act like they are 5 and 12- But regardless of their little independent attitudes, these two are still my sweet little monkeys and I love them more than anything and I love making memories with them while I can still call them my babies! 

Soooo... Me and these monkeys decided to get a zoo pass! We found a great deal so it totally made it worth it! Keller has been wanting to go to the zoo for a few weeks now! We were talking with our sweet little nursery class a few weeks ago and asking them what they all did the previous week, the majority of them said "the zoo!!!" And then preceded to tell us their favorite animals. As we left, I was in big trouble with Keller.. "Mom, why you didn't take me to the zoo?" It broke my heart and that is when it all began... So two weeks after Keller's sweet hints... And not so subtle begging we just had to go! And go we did! 

The weather was supposed to be kinda icky which we were excited for... So that the animals would be more active, But surprisingly it ended up being a really nice afternoon and the storm kindly waited until we got home which ended up being a huge blessing!
Well, the zoo needless to say was a huge hit with the kiddos! Sailor and Keller loved looking at the animals, looking for dinosaurs, and Keller's personal favorite... Riding the train with grandma!! 
It was a perfect day and we can't wait for many many more fun days at the zoo this year!!!

little Zuri swimming!

on a random note- not only are these sweet pictures of Sailor and Keller and their best buddy Grandma absolutely darling, but this sweet elephant in the background passed away the next day- her name was Dari and she was a sweet gentle giant- so fun that we could see could see her before she passed. 

and then there's this... funny little Zuri is still trying to nurse at 6 years old! it was funny and weird at how human it looked

i tried so hard to get Keller to take a closer pic to the big ol' T-REX but that just wasn't happening! He had a definite love/ terror relationship with this thing! I don't blame him... it was a very intimidating dinosaur! 


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