Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Halloween Happenings 2015...

This Halloween week started off a little rough for us... Keller and Sailor had both had their flu shots the previous weekend and they were both sick sick sick! It started with Keller late Sunday night with a fever of 103.9 ... he had a rough 2.5 days and then it was Sailor's turn with a fever of 103.2--- clearly my children give it all when it comes to their colds.. lucky me ... not! Sailor had a little bit harder time then Keller- mostly because she doesn't handle fevers like Keller... Keller could be on fire and is still a semi happy trooper... Sailor on the other hand, needs her mama and a little extra help! And she doesn't eat or drink when she doesn't feel good- so that doesn't help much either! But with some help from the docs on Thursday giving a little shot so her temp could start to come down- by Friday afternoon- things were looking better! Sailor was a little more herself - ESPECIALLY- if she got to wear "make-up"... she thought she was pretty cute... because she totally was!
Friday was much better... we finally replaced our windshield so we can re-register the car.. whoopie.
 and drum-roll please.......
 After patiently waiting for over 2 weeks- Veronica, my sweet sweet baby sis, finally received her mission call!!! We weren't able to be there in person- I was a little broken hearted at this- but we were able to face time her opening her call and it was perfect!! 
Lithuania will be receiving the most incredible sister missionary this march!!! I couldn't be more excited for her! She will do extraordinary things! 
We love you sis!! I will miss you and secretly don't love the idea of you leaving us- but I am so proud of you! You are absolutely incredible! 
Okay then came Friday night... we were able to go to Kurt's parents house for a family Halloween/ October Birthday party! Keller was excited to say the least!
Now for HALLOWEEN!! 
I spent the majority of the day working- exciting I know- but I had a TON to catch up on from taking a sick day to take care of my babies! but come 5:45- we were ready to Trick-or -Treat! 
we went trick or treating with our darling friends Lance, Atalie, and Berklie! 6 years and counting of fun traditions! The kids LOVED every second and wanted to go to "just a thousand houses"
Well.... now that you have read a GIANT history of the last few days- here are the pictures!!!

Carving the pumpkins! Because what else do you do Monday night with two little sickies that wont sleep?!?... PS... notice that little scowl in the background? That girl has sass!!

 Thursday I woke up at 4- after maybe 2 hours of sleep - got ready for work... and then changed into sweats to stay home with this little sickie...

Friday entertainment...Apparently makeup makes Sailor feel better... and so do bubble baths!
Our festive Halloween treats! 

Okay so maybe she didnt feel 100% better... but still cute!

trying to get a picture of all the kids together is near impossible... mostly because of my little finger bitter in the back (lately he bites his fingers if he is nervous or embarrassed) and my little escape artist who doesn't sit still for anyone!

Keller got more tracks and trains for his birthday- and he has been in heaven since!

The looks i get from this little darling are never ending!

Preparing for trick or treating!!!

Cutest little Captain America I ever did see!

These kiddos and dogs... this is our neighbors pug whom we have a love hate relationship with... this little guy poops ALL over our front yard... its a dang good thing he is nice to my kiddos! 

The cutest, sweetest, feistiest little lion you ever did see... and that pumpkin .. she kept kissing it.. apparently it is her favorite one! 

Patiently waiting to go trick or treating... you'd think they had been locked up for days... they couldn't wait to pounce!

Our little lion and her cute little dino friend! We love our Berklie Boo!!! 

You guys- I am heartbroken I didnt get more pictures of the kids in action! I was so caught up in the moment and too busy chasing our kiddos door to door- pictures just weren't happening! But trust me- it was so fun and so magical- and to be honest, a total workout! 

Playing with play dough after trick or treating! We totally spaced getting a group pick- but the few we got of these little sweethearts will have to do! 

This morning... checking out the stash! Ummm and who else totally woke up early... yup- up at 0600.. so much for being able to sleep in for daylight savings... andon another note.. I woke up to realize my face was weirdly swollen and fever... really?!?! dang colds! Leave us be! haha But on the plus side... I have all of this candy to comfort me...  hahaha 

Until next year my goblins!! XOXO

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