Sunday, November 1, 2015


 This year we were able to score a Cornbelly’s season pass…. At first I was skeptical.. I didn’t think that we would need a season pass… but oh how wrong I was! Here is a little bit of our Cornbellys adventures in a nutshell….

Trip #1- Keller and Sailor were in pumpkin and slide heaven!
We spent the majority of our time at the slides after of course looking at every. Single. Pumpkin. And yes… there are a lot!

Trip #2- The Cornmaze
I was super nervous for this one... me in a corn-maze with two strong willed FAST children! BUT... it was so much fun! Keller was so proud of himself because he was in charge of leading us through and we made it out- so i'd say he did a great job! ohh and we checked out the pumpkins.. again... oh and did I mention that it was sooo stinkin HOT! It was 80+ outside.. we were not dressed for the weather and we were so hot ... luckily for us we had snowcones!


Trip #3- no pictures... but so much fun! We had an hour to spare so to Cornbelly's we went! We ran around and played on the slides and watched the minion dance party... Keller wanted no part of it! Sailor loved it from a distance! 

Trip #4- Cornbelly's with friends! We were able to go to Cornbelly's with Atalie and Berklie and Keller was in his words... "Mom I am jus' so excited! I will show Berk-a-lee how to do everything at Cornbellys cause I an' 20 now!" hahaha 
the kids loved all things Cornbellys but their favorite was hands down the little cow tractor ride! 

Our three crazy kiddos took over the 3 animals and were giggling the whole time! I love that they have so much fun together!!

The little cow tractor train ride + our three kiddos = heaven! 
They loved every second... so much so that we rode in 3 times in a row without hesitation! The kids would have stayed all day if they could have! 


Sailor and Berklie thought they were so funny reaching their little hands through those holes and looking through them... it was hilarious looking back to see a little eye watching you through the hole... and little hands waving! 

Keller LOVED the duck races! 

okay okay so I know that was a TON of Cornbelly's pictures- BUT- you guys there are just so many moments I wish I could have captured! It was truly such a wonderful October full of Cornbelly fun! And even better... each weekend, we have been able to watch and hear the fireworks at Cornbelly's outside our front room window- The kids have loved every second and so have I!!

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