Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shake.. Rattle ... and Roll!!!

Okay so you know when you get super excited and feel so productive getting everything on your long list of things to do done and right as you begin something happens and POOF! You end up being further behind than before? Yup well ya, that is pretty much the story of my life when it comes to blogging! I have 7 blog entries that are just sitting and waiting to be finished.. behind much?

Okay so Keller... who knew such a cute little baby could grow up to be such a cute little boy so fast?!? I could say this is the 7th month post but lets be honest, it would be closer to an 8th month post- seriously, where does the time go?!? Jumping, laughing, crawling, and climbing! What happened to my baby?!?!
Keller has been attempting to crawl walk, for months now! (literally since he was around 6 months .. he likes to pretend to be a big boy.. so sad!!) but as of saturday, may 18th.. this little guy perfected his army crawl! It was the happiest/ saddest mommy moment! Why is it so hard to let them grow up? It all goes so fast and it is so hard to let each stage go buy- BUT every stage is so fun so it makes it worth it! right?!?
I absolutly love being a mommy... have I said that enough? If not let me just say it one more time.... I LOVE.... BEING ... A.... MOMMY!!! what a challange, a belssing, and an every day miracle! Keller I love you sweetheart!

more pictures and videos to come... when my computer isnt being such a little stinker! :)

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