Monday, June 10, 2013

Look “WHOOOOs” having a baby!

Alright ladies and babies let me start out by saying how much I love to bake and decorate and pretend I know what I am doing… however I do want to clarify that I truly have no idea what on earth I am doing but I do love every single second of the madness and it is all a learning process! So all craziness aside, I decided how fun would it be to plan and decorate parties. be a mommy, start project after project, re landscape, work full time, plan to one day open a preschool, etc… etc.. etc… … plan much? Ya well, that’s me..  But is it weird that I love it.. mostly (I would love to be a mommy/ party planner/ preschool teacher/ superhero.. etc (you know the basics) and quit my day job but sadly I must be realistic.. haha darn its rough to be an adult!) –
Well all joking and craziness aside, my cute friend and I threw a baby shower for the soon to be mommy Miss Rochelle Behle! And I don’t want to brag.. BUT… I was soooo excited how it all turned out!
Rochelle and Ty are expecting their first baby this coming July! And what better way to welcome a beautiful baby girl than having a baby shower!
We started with the theme! Actually scratch that… we started with the colors J
Pink and Green! (these are the colors they are doing in the nursery!)  

 After the colors... comes the theme! Which was inspired by the cutest little owl decoration (a shelf decor item) whic hwas used as the diaper cake topper and an adorable little frame! Sorry I dont have better pictures! Whoops :(

This is the invitation we used... there was a ton of cut and pasting done and it is not my origional design. I found the basic invitation layout online. The wording was mine ... Not my best work but not too shabby ehh?


Now I am hoping to post more pictures soon with the little details from the shower but I didn’t take any (arrgh!! But cute Atalie did so we do have documentation.. hopefully coming soon... let me know if you are interested) But here are a few of the pics I took before everything was ready…

aka.. mostly the food! :) Here are the cookies...
I started with the "mamma owls" but realized they were HUGE!! but soo much fun to make! so in realizing the mammas were so big.. I decided to make some little baby owls... afterall, you cant have a baby shower without some baby goods right?!?

 below are the baby owls... I liked these more than the others but was pleased with both.. not too shabby for a beginner right?  (Please feel free to leave any feedback :) I will take all the help I can get.)  

  the banner: onsies! :)

the cake........ (please dont judge- this was my first shaped cake ever!) you cant have a party without cake ..right?!? even though we didnt eat made for quite the exciting night for the hubbys! They devoured the cake after a LOOONG night of games! pictures to come! trust me!!)

The setup... and more random pics..

The Gang... 

Cake, cookies, and frosting made 100% from scratch.... tutorials may be coming soon!

Well friends, that is all for now- more to come! I hope you enjoy!! If you have any helpful hints, tips, questions, or comments pelase dont hesitate to ask and share!  Thanks in advance!!

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  1. So cute! You did a great job! I loved everything!