Thursday, February 6, 2014

2013 in review... and then some!

Okay so this post is a little late- BUT with good reason I promise! And no that reason is not to simply stick with my tradition of posting everything late!! So sit back and hold on tight because this past year has most definitely been quite the adventure!!!
From teething and crawling to walking and running this year has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined!! We have had so much fun making memories on a daily basis and recording every little "first".
I don't know what it is about being a mommy but I swear it feels like life is on a constant fast forward!!
Last year we welcomed in the New Year by sledding behind a truck with friends it was fun and most definitely adrenaline pumping!!! Little did we know the coming year would be much the same! Fun and adrenaline pumping!!
We have had our ups and downs this year with ear infections and colds but to be totally honest- it has been perfect!!!! And to make things better- we haven't had an ear infection since October!!!! Yippee!! (Knock on wood!!) Through all our little ups and downs this past year has truly brought us closer together as it was also the first time Kurt and I have ever had to spend a night - let alone almost two weeks apart! Through losing my sweet grandma to celebrating a first birthday we have felt nearly every emotion. Though at times it was most definitely a challenge and I felt as though I could do nothing more than to kneel in prayer to my Heavenly Father to know how to be a better wife and mother or simply for patience to get through the late nights with Keller when he was sick. It has been through these little moments though that this year has truly been the greatest blessing I could have ever dreamed of!!
We have had so many great and remarkable things happen for us and we have made some even greater decisions and choices as a family! Through these choices I know that although they may bring challenges at times- we will most definitely love every minute as we are able to grow together! And that my friends is what it's all about right!!!

So this year in a nutshell has been quite a party in itself and through it all we can't wait to welcome this next year!! This next year brings some exciting new adventures for our little family! Our plans are big but soooo exciting!! From planning to finish the backyard this spring to dad graduating in May!! We couldn't be more excited and more proud of him and all the hard work that he does for our little family! He is one hard working, hard studying, and best playing daddy ever! But we are excited that he will be done and are even more excited to say adios to school! (after 2 semesters of 18 credit hours each semester all while working full time/ overtime at work we are excited to have him all to ourselves yay!!!) BUT our adventures don't stop there... nope! We are also so excited to announce that this July we will be welcoming a new addition to our little family! We will be changing this from a family of 3 to a family of 4!!! Yes you heard right... FOUR… we are overjoyed to announce that this July we are having a baby! and Keller is super excited to announce that it is a baby..... girl!!! 
Keller is super excited to have his very own baby SISTER!!!! 
we couldn't be more thrilled to welcome this little angel into our family!! 


  1. Congratulations Jackie!!! I'm SOOOO excited that you guys are having a girl. That's awesome!

  2. Sounds like life has been busy. Congratulations on the future girl!