Thursday, February 6, 2014

how we made our big announcement...

okay friends this is more for me than for you- so I can refer back to this whenever I want... BUT... in case you were wondering  about how we told our family... here we go :)

Okay so we waited a bit this time before announcing anything just because I am crazy and always paranoid especially since this pregnancy has been complete opposites from my last one... which makes sense now that we know it is a girl :) yay!!!... but we did announce the big news to our families the week of Christmas and this is how we did it.............

Well hello there friends-
It’s been awhile! We thought we’d share a story to bring out that smile!

It’s that time of year, when that little elf, suddenly starts popping up on top of your shelf!
He climbs up high and way down low- I hear that he’s the guy to know!!
They say he’s friends with Santa Claus and that he wanders with a cause!
They say he knows all bad and good and that he’ll tell - if you don’t do as you should.
Well my friends there is a tale- of yet another magical little fairy tale!
This tale you know- contains no elf- but it’s a story held dear to one’s self.
The story begins with a sweet little boy- who is loved by his parents-
He is their pride and joy.
He runs and jumps!
He laughs and he giggles- and everyone knows that he just loves to wiggle!
He loves to make messes, give kisses, and hugs!
He loves to play hockey and wear baseball gloves!
Well this tale isn't over you see there is more,
This little boy is loved and spoiled galore-
However this tale although cheerful and good-

Had something missing…….

You see this small boy had heard of a tale-
A tale of a baby born upon a hay bale.
You see it’s the story of our savior’s birth-
first laid in a manager –
when he entered this earth.
Such humble beginnings-
such love and such joy
For our sweet little boy
 no longer wished for a toy
Instead our sweet angel so full of great love prayed for something much greater from his father above.
He sat down with mommy and began with his chatter- mommy and daddy knew just what was the matter.
You see these stories are great to be told- but the magic lies within when the stories unfold.
Each story begins with a heart full of joy-
A heart full of love and laughter- not toys.

Though toys are fun- it’s the truth-
we all know it!
The fun truly begins with a friend who’ll help show it- you see as we said our stories not done- we figured you can never have too much fun!
And so little Keller he begged and he pleaded
and Santa and Jesus knew just what he needed!
They whispered their thoughts to Keller’s mom and his dad!
And soon it was decided a baby should be had!

Baby Thomas #2 coming JULY 24TH

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