Sunday, May 4, 2014

DRUMROLL PLEASE..... he is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay this is just a super short post to say that this handsome fella... 
ohhh and if you are wondering why on earth I chose this picture... well this is because if I included any picture that didn't involve a boat.. Kurt simply wouldn't approve! haha

 that's right ladies and gents... that handsome hubby of mine whom has studied and worked non stop for the past few years has officially graduated from USU with a bachelor's in Business Management! 
We are absolutely thrilled and couldn't be more proud! He has worked so hard taking 18 credit hours each semester, working over 40 hours a week, and studied and passed all his classes with little to no help from me as it has been through moving and remodeling a home and two pregnancies!! Way to go you handsome fella! I hope this short little post doesn't embarrass you too much! hahaha!! I LOVE YOU AND AM SO SO SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!! 

and lets not forget... Keller is really proud too!! proof?????
the night daddy graduated we celebrated by hanging out in the new boat... in the driveway! haha dad's choice not mine. but as you can tell Keller was in Heaven!!
Keller's new "cheese" face... he is pretty excited that daddy is done with school... and even more excited that they get to play together on the boat every night! 

Keller was so excited to celebrate daddy's graduation!!

I cant wait for all the fun new adventures and memories to come that dont include homework! yay!! TO THE LAKE WE SHALL GO! 

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