Thursday, May 15, 2014

The big boy bed!

Okay as most of you know, back in April we switched this little mister to a big boy bed!! 

Well - I would be totally lying if I said it went perfectly! But to say the least, it has been an adventure! 
Going to bed at night was new and exciting and there was no fuss whatsoever! but then came 2AM... and with 2am came a half asleep little man taping my arm with his hands raised up to be lifted into mommy and daddy's bed! cute right?? I thought so too until I realized this little angel of mine is half ninja and took up more of the bed then Kurt and I combined! Which is saying a lot considering I have a big growing belly!
Well after the 2nd... 3rd.. and 4th nights of this happening we began to be desperate! One of us would sleep in his bed once he would wake up so that he knew that's where he belonged.. This kind of worked... but still how on earth were we going to get back into our normal schedule?!? Well... that my friends is when it happened.. a few tears were shed but now our nights are peaceful and we are all sleeping much better!!
After I had, had a long day of work Kurt and I were desperate for a full nights rest- so we had to be tough.. we closed Keller's door so he couldn't open it.. and then came 2AM.. and with that 2AM came the saddest sweetest little knock you ever did hear! Keller was knocking on his own door calling for his mommy and daddy.. I wanted so badly to go snuggle him but Kurt and I lay there listening and waiting to see what would happen and sure enough, within a few minutes the noise stopped... I waited a few minutes longer and snuck in to see what was going on.. this is what I found!

my little buddy had climbed back into bed... almost all the way... and he fell right back to sleep!! yay yay yay little buddy! and that my friends was all it took!! One rough night for mommy, daddy, and the little man and now Keller LOVES to sleep all night in his own bed.. so much so that we actually end up having to sometimes wake him up in the morning because he is out like a light! I am crossing my fingers that his love of sleep continues once his baby sister arrives…

I can't believe how fast he is growing and I know this is just about the goofiest post ever BUT what can I say, I am just so proud of my little buddy! Now every night his bed time is soo exciting for him! Mommy and Daddy take turns tucking little man in, reading a book, and singing a song …and then it is lights out!! These little moments as goofy as it may seem, are my everything! I love being a mommy to my bestest little buddy!! 

and for your entertainment...
showing his new bed to his cousins.. he thinks he is pretty cool! haha

snuggled in bed with dad!

waking up and watching daddy work in the backyard at 0800! 

this kid steals my pillow FAR TOO OFTEN!!!
bed shopping.... 

trying out which mattress he likes the most... haha 

he also will lay himself down for naps when he is tired.. hahaha!! My little buddy is getting way too big too fast!

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