Thursday, May 15, 2014

I am a mother...

Well it's no secret that the majority of my posts revolve around this little mister...

And yes you guessed it- I am a mother.
I carried this little angel for 9 months and after a quick delivery this little angel was placed in my arms as Kurt and I welcomed him into this world, meeting him for the very first time.
At that moment, I became a mother. I was so full of emotion- full of excitement and even full of fear. How is it that this moment was really happening to me? How is it that my father in heaven trusted me enough to bless me with this sweet innocent little baby? How could I protect him from all of the sickness in this world- both physically and spiritually?

Reality set in; at that moment I was a mother. At that moment I became a mommy. Keller's mommy. Now over 18 months later we were able to celebrate another mother’s Day- and to say I was a bit emotional is an understatement.
I woke up to an incredible hubby who hurried to make his 7+month pregnant wife breakfast in bed. Waffles… yummo!!!
I was quickly joined by Keller as he climbed up next to me wanting a bite of a waffle! As he snuggled in we sat there together eating waffles and watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates- laugh If you want- but this moment was perfection!
This holiday that I had celebrated every year for the past 25 years had a whole new meaning. Yes you are probably thinking that I was a mom last year too and you are right and yes I may have been a bit more emotional than in years past but between my tired body and crazy baby hormones- this Mother's Day was extra special.
Knowing what being a mom truly means and thinking of my own incredible mom and mother in law and all that they have done and continue to do for me and my little family was and is mind boggling to say the least. Thinking of all the late nights my mom spent caring for me, thinking of all the dance costumes she would help make, and all the recitals she sat through. Thinking of my birthday party in first grade when she found out I invited EVERYONE so that no one would feel left out- instead of being mad- she made it work... (We are talking 40+ first graders. ahh!! Can you imagine?!?) All of this and more sent me straight into a puddle of tears!
Moms are amazing. Period.
I am not saying this in want of praise or glory of any sort because let’s face it- I am just not there yet- but I can hope and dream right?!? But I am saying it because of the simple fact that my mom is amazing. She loved so much and sacrificed more than I even know so that I could live the life I did. I am saying it because of the little things! And I am saying it- because being a mom goes both ways… moms aren't only amazing because of the things that they do.. but because of the things that we get on a daily basis….
We get snuggles and hugs. We get to sing and dance. We get to be the best buddy and the hero but are also forced into the role of the ‘bad guy’ sometimes.. we have to learn to say no- we have to learn to give more than we thought we ever could. We get to learn so so sooo very much from our little sweethearts that we wouldn't have learned without them.
For all of these reasons and more, moms are amazing.
Thank you to all of the incredible mammas and woman who have helped to shape my life and influenced me daily! I love you all!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! 

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