Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fresh from the tub and then some!

Nothing is better than a squeaky clean little baby to love on! I mean seriously!!! And lucky for me- my little one is happy as can be when she is fresh out of the tub and naked! so what better time than to snap a few pictures right! 

and of course Keller wanted a picture too when he got out of the bath! haha I got one before he streaked away!!

Now for some of our other adventures.... after General Conference, we decided to go out and play in grandma and grandpa's corn field!!! I wish I would have taken more but I love these ones! It took a little time to convince Keller the corn wasn't "gross" hahaha He was convinced it was gross and mean.. but once I coaxed him in, he loved every minute!!

Keller Braving the corn stalks with Auntie Lex helping out!

You guys, I am so sad that this corn husk??? leaf?? stalk??? anyways you know what I mean... well I am so sad that it was blocking Kellers face- because look at that handsome little devil! I love the adventure and that smile!! But I still love it leaf/ husk/plant/stalk thing... and all!!!

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