Tuesday, October 14, 2014

little white dress


So, as you can tell from the previous post about Sailor's blessing day, we didn't get too many good pictures of her in her gorgeous dress- SO.. we decided to have a little photo shoot!! First of all, I want to give a special shout out to my incredible grandma! 
I looked and looked for a dress that I loved, and just couldn't find the right one.. for the right price! Because holy smokes- these things can get pricey!! But after talking to my grandma about my dilemma, she said she would make one for little miss Sailor, and I couldn't have been more excited! It turned out absolutely gorgeous and is so very special to me! Knowing that it was made with so much love and sacrifice, i couldn't be happier or more blessed to be able to dress my little girl up in something that is so precious to me! Thank you grandma for making the most perfect little white dress!!!! Also, I cant help myself.. If you have never heard the song.. "what heaven sees in you" - go listen to it- NOW!! The knowledge of my little baby being so fresh from her heavenly fathers arms,  is so incredibly humbling! here is a little blurp of the first verse... (but really if you have a free minute in your day, go listen to it! It is beautiful and it has been going through my head all day! many tears have been shed.. but all good ones!)
Verse one:

Sent to this earth
You were saved through the ages for this day
and time
Child of great worth
Child of promise, daughter of the Divine
Pure and holy in a little, white dress
You were held in a circle and you were
And the Father looked down
And the angels surrounded that place
They knew the truth, all that you could do
And you will, too, if you have eyes to see
What heaven sees in you
Do you understand who you are
Part of the Father lives in you
If you continue on this path
Every promise God has given will come true

I love knowing that the little glimpse of heaven my sweet baby has brought is just that.. a glimpse! It is such a remarkable feeling to look at Sailor and now that she is absolutely perfect and pure at this very moment! My heart is so full and I couldn't be more proud to be her mother! 
Blanket made for us when we had Keller by my incredible young women leaders mom! Mamma Beatty!
Dress made by my incredible grandma  
OHHH.. and she made a gorgeous little petticoat for underneath! I mean seriously, she is amazing and I am so incredibly blessed to call her mine!! Love you grandma!!
Headband made by me for my little sweetheart!

Detail pictures:

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