Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our short lived winter wonderland.. better late than never ...right?!?

Soooo... lets rewind for a minute and remember the short lived snow days that we had back in January... the very very short few days that we had snow! Well, we promised Keller that we would go sledding while Kurt was home during his Christmas break... so sledding we went!! It was short, it was sweet, and it was ohh soo fun!!!
We had big plans to find an amazing hill up the canyon- BUT since Kell had been sick, and we had Sailor girl with us, we decided it was best to find something a little closer.. and then we found it- the perfect little hill! OKAY- CORRECTION... it was more of a perfect little slanted parking lot at a church- BUT it was perfect! Sailor fell asleep in the car- so I was able to snap a few pics of Keller and Kurt in pure heaven! It is so cute to watch these two together! It makes my heart so happy!! Keller sure loves his daddy and Kurt loves his little Keller bug more than anything! have I ever mentioned that being a parent makes life like a bajillion times better... because it totally does!! 

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