Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Prep!

Valentines day... I mean seriously how can you not love a day that is focused on love?!?!? I mean look at these two littles of mine! I couldn't stop them from going all valentines day crazy on me and decking the whole house out in lovey dovey goodness!! hahaha Okay maybe I am slightly exaggerating... just slightly! BUT really though... valentines day just makes my heart so happy...  especially when it means fun activities with my little crazies! 

You guys... I have THE cutest little baker sidekick you ever did see!!! OHHH and if you haven't checked out The Alison Show's Cookie Party goodness, you best get to it my friend!! But let me warn you, She makes it look so easy!!! IT IS NOT!! I like to consider myself at least a little crafty and talented sometimes... after all I figured out how to make these beauties and I thought they were pretty dang cute.... but let me just tell you before you get all down on yourself for making cookies that look like they were made by a blind one eyed gorilla.....That girl has got some serious skills when it comes to decorating those delightful little cookies and decorating for parties... but we will reach that topic at another time... can I just lie to you and tell you that she is my new BFF and she just loves me so much that she, being my best friend and all, is going to come and help SAVE me from my cookie decorating issues! HAHAAHA...  because well... I on the other hand.... look for yourself!  Embarrassing I know!.. and you thought I was kidding about the blind gorilla... I. WAS. NOT!! Lets just say I will be practicing like CRAZZZY until I figure out those dang royal icing decorating tricks! good freakin gaully!! 

Our cookies!!! 
Keller's are the ones with most of the yellow... he insisted that we make yellow frosting because nothing says DELICIOUS like something that looks like fake old Velveeta cheese smothered all over a sugar cookie- am I right?! 

Notice Sailor freaking out in the background... the girl wants a cookie! 

What's that you say??? You want to know my secret for entertaining this mobile little peanut and keeping her entertained for a good 10 minutes???? Oh ...well let me tell you... her mobility is nothing that a 2 cent little heart tattoo cant slow down! 
She was absolutely mesmerized by the "magic stickers" Keller insisted that she needed more and more and more... The plus side... once she started crawling they quickly wore off on their own! hahaha I think the majority of  Sailor's tattoos lasted maybe an hour or two on her .. easy peasy cleanup! 

and then there's the Valentines Day cards... these ones were actually leftovers from last year that Keller found and was absolutely thrilled by! He calls them his "dinosaur cards" he started laying them out saying who he was going to give each one to- and then after all of his hard work he changed his mind and said "Mom how bout 'Wellwer' (keller) has these, How bout?" I was laughing so hard! It was darling! and he even shared his ohh so coveted dino cards with Sailor until he realized that she loved them so much so that when she was done with them they were ruined.. now he has hidden them safely away! Little Cuties!!

Check out that tummy... he needed to be covered in tattoos too obviously! 

"How bout Addie, how bout Logan, How bout maamaa, how bout Percy, how bout nursery buddies, how bout Diesel 10...." Did I mention that he says "How Bout" like ALOT!! and of course Thomas the train and his friends were in the mix of those who needed Valentines!

She was in his way.... he finally gave up on her moving and started to put the cards around her! 

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always
As long as i'm living
My babies you'll be!

Happy Valentine's Prep day! hahaha XOXO

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