Monday, February 9, 2015

Just Like Daddy!

This post is a short and sweet little diddy about a boy and his daddy! What could be sweeter! These two.... they make me crazy!! They make me worry constantly, laugh uncontrollably, and love unconditionally!! I love watching their relationship grow everyday! They absolutely adore one another! Keller tries to be like his daddy every day- from the way he dresses and does his hair telling me...  "like dad mom!" to the love he has for all things boating and hockey! I love that he loves his daddy so much! He is my little sweetheart but definitely his daddy's little sidekick! 
Here is a little glimpse of our nightly ritual.... basement hockey tournaments... EVERY. NIGHT. 

and of course no game is complete without a treat... total Keller.. hockey Jersey and train cookie.. could life be any better?!?

Watch your legs dad!  Keller just flung his stick into kurts foot! 

You cant play hockey without your blades of course!!

and of course.. sometimes you fall right on your little bum and you just need to cry for a minute 

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