Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Glimpse into our Fun Family Adventures!!

Okay.... .I wont write much- because a picture can say a thousand words... right! and... Sailor is starting to wake up from her nap.. so there's that! haha So here are only about a jillion pictures of some of our fun adventures for the past two months!
A little night rollerblading through the streets of Lehi!.. okay it was more of through business parking lots because they are nice and smooth and there are no cars but still :)

These two have been pretty stoked about the rangers in the playoffs! 

Focused on the game! haha 

Ready to hit the ice! 

It was all fun and games until they kicked Sailor off the ice... safety precautions.. boo! She clearly was not a fan... and she let every one know about it... for a good 20-30 minutes!

okay so for some reason these uploaded totally out of order.. but here are some cute chalk pics! haha ... now back to ice skating! 

Before she was kicked off.... smiles for days!! She loves skating with her daddy!!

more parking lot adventures!... I LOVE this picture... this totally sums up these two boy together.... always busy, always having fun! They could be twins I tell ya! 

haha I told you they were twins... the funny part is, they didnt even realize that they were matching until we started rollerblading! hahaha 

until next time!!

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