Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Little Backyardigans....

We are loving the warmer weather and the small portions of the day that don't rain... which have been super limited lately so when we see the sun.. we RUN outside to soak it up!! 
These two are pretty funny lately- they absolutely love each other... most of the time... the rest of the time they see who can tease or torture the other more.. BUT they quickly forgive and insist on "hangin out' with their best buddy! I love that Keller calls her his best buddy and wants to teach her everything! The downside.... she is trying to grow up WAY too quickly! She started walking with her little walker and holding onto things really early... like 7-8 months... but now she has finally realized that she can totally move around without the help of anything.. I don't quite know how I feel about this! Walking at 10 months... apparently we make early walkers in this house!  She is 10 months going on 5 years! Keller on the other hand is growing up faster than I could have ever imagined. He tells me everyday.. " Mom, I just growin' up so fast- huh!" Yup little buddy, you are... now could you please STOP! I love their little ages and that even though they are total opposites at times- they are still the best of friends! Keller looks out for his sister and loves on her every chance he gets.. which is sometimes too much, but at least Sailor doesn't seem to mind! 
Im just lucky they put up with me being a crazy mommy paparazzi so that i can keep these little moments locked in my heart and mind forever!!!

my little walker.. one day she is going to wonder why I blogged and wrote so much about Keller.. and why I havent blogged nearly as much about each of her little milestones... the truth- TIME... between work and chasing around my two little crazies who decided to be super independent and busy SUPER early- I just can never seem to find the time... but I love them both more than words and when she asks.. I will have to pull up all of the pictures of her and Keller causing mischief and then, maybe she'll forgive me! haha 

I was super excited to have my two little sweethearts so close together... but was also a little nervous. Nervous that I was taking that time away from Keller- nervous that my sweet baby wouldn't get as much attention.... nervous that they wouldn't get along. And then Sailor was born... and every single day, all of my fears disappear time and time again. These two little sweethearts are the greatest blessings I have ever received and I love that they love each other so much! These two little angles are my everything! Kurt and I couldn't be more blessed! 

AWESOME INDEED!! but stop growing up so fast!!! You guy this little ... err a HUGE two year old is THE coolest kid you will ever meet! He is officially potty trained.. every day without an accident he gets to pick either a prize or money.... he has been choosing money for the past week and a half now.. every day! haha He says " dis is MY money for DISNEY LAND!" haha Way to go little buddy, I am so proud of you! You are AWESOME! 


These poor little bugs had no idea what they were in for.... shaken bug syndrome! 

People always tell me... "they must look like their dad..." yes they do... but then every once in awhile... okay like a ja-gillion times a day I see one of their cheesy facial expressions and Kurt and I laugh... proof that these little babies do have a piece of their mamma after all!! 

Eating cheetos off of the grass is totally sanitary... right... whoops! 

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