Sunday, May 31, 2015

okay.... so i am a little behind!!

Life, well, lets just say it is BUSY!! So busy that I keep kicking myself for not finding the time to update the old blogerroo! Not that anything is crazy time sensitive or that it is life or death or anything- but I need to do it, for me! I love having all of my pictures and memories and random thoughts all in one place so bear with me because we are going to play a little catch up of the past two months!!
In April..... we celebrated my birthday! You guys I was spoiled by friends, family, neighbors, etc... you name it! I think everyone wished me a very happy birthday and for that I just love you all!!!

In April we also went on a fun St George boating adventure with some friends! Prepare yo-self for some pictures!!! ;)

our chilly little co-captains... 

our official flag holder... don't mess with this kid and his job! haha


Danny... and the mullet


The cutest little boater you ever did see! This boy literally dreams about boating ALL YEAR LONG! 



Seriously though.... this little boater is sure to be a heart breaker! 

Danny and Kell watching Susie!

Susie getting good air and trying out new tricks.... You guys I am not even kidding a little when I say I was embarrassed to go after all of these guys... Lets just say, I can get up. hahaha! 

If only we were all looking! I still love having a boating pic of my whole little family! I love this crazy bunch of mine! 

My little fan club cheering me on- how lucky am I?

You guys- I will be honest with you- I was so proud of myself- I felt like I was flying.... and yet nope! hahaha But I am still proud- yay me! hahaha 

You guys Keller is a trooper! The water was FREEZING! and this poor little dude had no wet suit- yet insisted on going with his daddy! I love this little tough guy.. even though he gives me a heart attack! 

Love these two!! Such good campers for boating in cruddy weather 3 days straight! 

This little girl is my absolute favorite when she wakes up in the morning! Sleepy eyes and all! She totally looks just like her daddy in the morning! 

Love me some pool time! 

Our little applesauce model! 

Stopped for a little football break on our drive home! 

After our oh so fun St Geezy trip we spent some much needed time in the yard getting it ready for all of our fun summer festivities! Getting it ready meant multiple trips to Home depot, Costco ... for trees!! (who knew! such an amazing deal for larger more mature trees!!) ... trips to IFA, etc... needless to say the kids were troopers... but they were also worn out!

Okay that seriously didnt do any of it justice- but Sailor is awake and begging to be snuggled so adios amigos! until next time! xoxo

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