Thursday, June 18, 2015

Motorcycles and Marshmellows!

Growing up- we camped! Every summer we would load up the car with sleeping bags, tents, grills, you name it- we had it! We were legit! and best of all, we were all there, together, with no distractions! For that little reason, I have always loved camping! We shot guns, rode motorcycles, heck- that is where I bit all the way through my lip for the first time... crashing a motorcycle when I was around six years old! It was amazing- I got to eat mashed potatoes, and all of the soft treat like fruit roll ups the whole trip- for a six year old, it was heaven!!
Camping was always full of adventures- dreaming- amazement- and wonder. Camping was a little piece of heaven! So, it is no big surprise that I was over excited to take my own little kiddos on their very first camping adventure! I was a little nervous... nervous about how the kids would do, but a little more nervous about how Kurt would do... he is not much into camping.. UNLESS.. there is boating involved! haha BUT I am pleased to announce that it was amazing! 
It was childhood memories flooding back to me! It was campfires, and marshmallows. Rocks and rivers. Deer, trees, tents, and oh so much more! I love camping! and luckily for me, so did my little adventurers! Even though it was a short and sweet little trip and we could only spend one night, words cannot even begin to express how much I loved our little adventure! 
Our beautiful little oasis!

It was so much fun spending time with this little stud muffin!!! We love you Jerris dude!! 

Keller was in absolute heaven driving Jerris' little jeep around! It was a little nerve wracking trying to keep them from driving straight into the lake- but it was the cutest thing ever! I can't believe how quickly my baby boy has grown up! He loves being the "big kid" helping all of the babies! haha

Love these three!!! Thanks for inviting us guys! 

Are these two just the cutest little twinsies you have ever seen or what?!? I love that they are so close in age! They are going to have so much fun growing up together! 

Motorcycle riding! Fishing! and so much more!!! 

One of my new favorite pictures of these two best buddies! I love that Kurt and Keller love each other so much! They are the sweetest, cutest, handsomest little daredevils you ever did see! 

Just chowin down on some yummy celery.... and sticks :( 

Loved spending time with all these cousins! It is crazy to think that we are camping with our kiddos just like our parents did with us! I cant wait for many more adventures with all of these littles together! 

COUSINS = BEST BUDDIES!!! All four of the current great grand babies!!

Little camping bums!!

my little sleepy heads!!

Kell's first time making smores!! 

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