Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tender mercies and a little boating adventure...

So we went boating last Friday... nothing too exciting, just our usual weekly routine... until it wasn't! haha So after a full morning of boating we stopped on the lake for lunch around 1 o'clock.... little did we know, we would be hangin' out in the middle of the lake for the remainder of the day!
 First of all, can I just say tender mercies. Usually when we head out to the lake we take a few snacks and a bottle/sippy for each of the kiddos... well,  as a last minute thought before we headed out the door Friday morning, we thought it would be fun to pack a whole lunch! We packed a big lunch with TONs of extra goodies, sandwiches, and lots of drinks... little did we know at that point, that this would be one of the biggest blessings that day. 
We had so much fun all morning! After getting to the lake around 9:15, we were on the water by 9:30 and ready for fun! Kurt wake boarded for awhile and then it was my turn! The water wasn't perfect- but it was still fun! After the water got a little crazy with the lunch time crowd and their tubing we decided it was the perfect time for us to stop for lunch! We ate, and we swam... yes I know there is some rule about waiting 30 minutes after eating to swim... but it was more of splashing and playing in the water with the kiddos than swimming- and it was heaven! It was SO hot out on Friday that being in the water was right where you wanted to be! Keller and Sailor were having a blast!
After having fun for awhile, Keller announced that it was HIS turn and Sailor and I needed to get in the boat so he could surf with dad... well that is when our dad took a little turn of events! Kurt and Keller were all ready to go on the surf board .. but the boat wouldn't start... 
Keller was not pleased at all! He was absolutely heart broken that he didn't get to surf... Kurt was not too pleased either!He worked on the boat for a bit- and decided that, that was that and our day was done... it was only 2 in the afternoon, and there we were... stuck in the middle of the lake. 
We laughed for a bit and decided to start paddling.. thinking someone would notice and help... nope! So after calling Kurt's parents and then calling the Ranger- we were able to tell them where we were so they could send someone out to help pull us in. It wasn't too bad waiting for a little while... but i was a little nervous- we had two babies two and under and it was HOT! we played in the water, ate goodies, and played some more! Finally the kiddos started to fall asleep and then around 330- the ranger came! We were so happy... and embarrassed.. but SO SO HAPPY! especially because it was starting to get very windy! 
He let us know that we were his first official tow... we were a little nervous...But after being towed for nearly TWO hours in the rough water, we finally made it back to the dock!! WOORAH!!!  The ranger was an absolute angel especially since he was supposed to get off at 4 and we didn't get to the dock until almost 6- he was an angel!! Tender mercies I tell ya! 
We were so blessed- even though our day didn't go as planned, we had so much fun- we laughed.. we wanted to cry- BUT we were kept safe and aside from me getting sun burnt trying to keep my babies shaded and a little sickness from the other boats exhaust being towed a little too close- we were all safe and sound! And look at the bright side, we were able to spend all of that time close close close together! Is it bad that I sometimes... SOMETIMES... love these little trials.... after the fact of course! Heavenly father knows! I have no better way of explaining it than that, he knows and he loves us! and even when you have days that don't go as planned- if you look at them after, you realize that he was there- and he was helping you the whole way! Tender Mercies! 
Keller loves to "drive" the boat... and Sailor... well lets just say we should call her "Baby Rambo" from here on out! 

Sailor's first official time swimming in a lake!

Keller was so proud of her! "good job baby... kick yours feet!"

my favorite part of the day.... watching these three play and snuggle! 

Well hello little RAMBO... nice to see all your cuts and bruises... This past week, this little daredevil has 1- split her upper lip and had to have it glued closed (notice the scab) 2- hit and cut her eye while running around with her brother at grandma's house (notice that scab too) 3-hit her head more times than I can count and currently has 4 bruises on her forehead and a little cut on her scalp.... SERIOUSLY! This should not be allowed! She scares me to death!! Slow down baby girl!!! Birthday pictures will be postponed... fingers crossed that we can go a week with no new injuries!

Introducing... Baby RAMBO Thomas!

waiting... waiting...waiting... 

just because your boat doesnt work... doesnt mean that you cant pretend! Keller was "surfing" while I pulled him back in with the rope... he was not very amused!

Both babies finally passed out.... 


Thank you for saving us little ranger boat! What a happy site to see! even happier... the bathroom!! 
What an adventure! 

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