Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Eleven Months and LOTS of pictures!

Eleven months ago we were waiting ever so excitedly. Waiting to meet our little princess. What would you look like? What would your little personality be like? And most importantly... When would we get to finally meet you!! To hold you in our arms, kiss your little forehead, sing you sweet lullaby's, snuggle you, and oh so much more! 
There was so much excitement and anticipation as we waited for your grand debut. And now 11 very short months later, I am in awe. The time has flown by quicker than I could've ever planned for! You are now eleven months old! ... That's almost a full year! Whaaaaaa?!?!? How did this happen? You once for a very brief moment were my sweet tiny little baby girl (see here).  Now you run around,chasing your brother! Jump and climb... Yes obviously you are on the busier side of the baby scale! You love to laugh and giggle! You love chattering all day long! You love dogs and think that every single one loves you to pull on its fur and kiss it.... This worries your dad immensely!  You are a master 'cat-napper' ... Aka you HATE naps... Or maybe you love them... In very short 10 minute segments. BUT on the plus side, you LOVE bedtime! It is our alone time! You don't let daddy put you to bed often so it is generally our girl time. We snuggle and rock in the rocking chair, we read a story and sing some songs, and within seconds you are generally sound asleep like a perfect little angel! And yes, I say 'generally' because on occasion you are like trying to tame a Tasmanian devil... You can be quite the wild one! But I wouldn't have it any other way. You are the sweetest little princess and love everything and everyone- you can also be a little sassy and stubborn! It is adorable.... But your daddy says if it continues... He is buying locks for all of the doors and bars for the windows! 
You are our little angel! You love Minnie Mouse, dancing, babies, toys, snuggling, you LOVE anything your brother does, and adventuring ... Everywhere you possibly can! You love your brother more than anyone could ever imagine and I love that you do!! You are one independent little cuddle bug and I hope you will always be!! 
I love you my little princess!! These past eleven months have been the greatest blessing to our little family!!! We all love you so much!
Love, mommy

oh you know- just practicing her "hot diggity dog 

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